Kim Kardashian gets $25K a tweet. Is she worth it? Ask Armani.

Social media/PR maven and friend, Sarah Evans, let me know Armani paid Kim Kardashian $25K for 1 Tweet.  It drove 40,000 people to the Armani website in less than 24 hours.  Is she worth it?  I had some questions considering:

  1. It’s a lot of money
  2. It’s very little work
  3. It’s something hard to imagine could happen for the rest of us.

Michael Corleone said in The Godfather, “it’s not personal, Sonny; it’s strictly business.” Maybe it is worth it when you consider:

  1. Kim has 5,030,145 Twitter followers
  2. 40,000 visitors to a website in less than 24 hours is a big response; it’s a better response rate than most other media channels and definitely quicker
  3. Armani paid 50 cents per 1,000 followers, a very attractive price by media standards
  4. 90% of all purchase decisions begin online and 75% are looking for a personal recommendation
  5. The connection between the brand and the personality is strong  

While Armani did not release sales, if 1% (400 people) of 40,000 that went to Armani web site that day spent $62.50 (a conservative average sales per person considering what Armani sells), the tweet would have paid for itself.  It 2% went, or that 1% spent $125.00 on average, the ROI would be 2-to-1.
As Kim’s case demonstrates, you see results almost instantly in social media.  It’s quantifiable and accountable.  My guess is we’ll see more celebrities tweeting for brands.
Do you think Kim Kardashian is worth $25K a tweet?


  1. Rob Cairns

    I feel this is really not worth it at all. This is a lot of money for one tweet.

    1. Rob Petersen

      Thanks for the comment, Rob. The post was written to see where people stand on celebrity tweets and the amounts so I really apprerciate this dialogue. Rob

  2. Pat Tousom

    I found this page bookmarked and I very much liked it. I will surely bookmark it too and go through the other articles tomorrow.

  3. Sarah Cons

    Rob — Do you have the exact text of the tweet by Kim you are talking about? I am doing some research for a school paper and am curious if the post included any disclosures (i.e. #ad or #sp). Thanks!

    1. Rob Petersen

      Hi Sarah,
      I don’t have the exact tweet. But I did write a follow-up blog that listed celebrity tweets. In this blog, there is a tweet from Kim for a product line called Fusion Beauty where I heard she was paid to promote through tweets. I did all the work for this blog myself and didn’t see any disclosure. Here is the link.
      Hope this helps. Please feel free to get in touch. My contact info in the the “Put us to work” tab on the home page.

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  6. Jonha Revesencio (@jonharules)

    Great analysis, Rob! I immediately concluded that it was too much but the details you provided seem to justify. Social media is still media. You only provided clicks, so there are others which are not quantified such as word-of-mouth.

    1. Rob Petersen

      Thanks Jonha. Really appreciate your comment. Guess it just goes to show there can be a pro and a con for everything. Rob

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