3 reasons Google Instant starts a people's revolution in SEO (with a little help from Bob Dylan)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in helping understanding how people behave. It’s a very precise tool for examining how we find what we need.
The paradox is, although SEO focuses on people’s behavior, people aren’t very involved. Software examines search algorithms and uses machine learning to predict from billions of pages on the Internet what are the most salient “keywords” that elevate a business or brand’s organic search rank. SEO has more to do with engaging search engines than it does engaging people.
But I think that’s going to change with Google Instant.
If you don’t know, Google Instant is a search evolution to help people find what they need faster. A search is now completed 2 to 5 seconds faster, a major competitive advantage. Since 80% of people choose from the first 3 search rankings, Google Instant is likely to give Google an even greater share of total search and help the 800 lb Gorilla of the Internet gain a few extra pounds.
Want to see some demos, click here for the official one or watch the unofficial one with Bob Dylan below.

A few seconds may not seem like much, but in the world of SEO, it’s enough to start a people’s revolution. Here are 3 reasons why.

  1. SEO HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT “KEYWORDS;” IT”S ABOUT “KEY PHRASES.” If you’re looking for an attorney in Austin who specializes in auto accidents, the keyword, “attorney,” isn’t going to be much help.  You’d search with a phrase like, “Attorney in Austin who knows auto accidents.” Google Instant is going to make SEO more friendly to phrases, like people think and behave.
  2. SEARCH SHOULDN’T BE A SOLITARY EXPERIENCE; IT SHOULD BE A COLLABORATION: Possible phrases you type are those others have typed. So individual investigation is replaced with collective conversations. Search is less of an individual achievement and more of a team effort.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA IS MORE IMPORTANT TO SEARCH: Phrases that are conversations are more likely to feature a ranking  from social media. Because unlike tradition sites, which feature monologues, social media is the medium of conversations.  Since 85% of people are looking for independent review when they search and 78% trust a recommendation they receive on the Internet, this helps them find what they need faster.

When a product improvement occurs that’s a game-changer, it’s worth mentioning.  Look what it’s already done for Bob Dylan fans. 
Do you think Googe Instant is a game-changer?


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