34 case studies that prove social media ROI

Posted on October 19, 2010 by Rob Petersen

“How do I measure social media ROI?” is the #1 social media question people ask according to Social Media Examiner.

Recently, at lunch with David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media and Innovation, at 360i and blogger behind 100 Ways to Measure Social Media, this question came up and we thought: Let’s compile 100 case studies that prove social media ROI.

Let’s do it in 3 installments to solicit input along the way and understand the business principles at work.

Here are 34 of those 100 social media case studies.  These 34 case studies cover B2C, B2B, profit and non-profit areas.  They include businesses big and small.  They prove social media ROI based on:

  • Sales
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • New Leads
  • Improved company operations
  • Innovations that resulted in a better way to do business

Conclusion: Significant results are proven to occur in social media where low out-of-pocket investments lead to high ROI’s when businesses: 1) Have a clear business strategy, 2) Aren’t afraid to jump in 3) Use their imagination to make the most out of social channels, customer engagement and brand relationship.

Each case study has a summary headline with key results and links to reference sites for more complete details.  So, next time someone at your company questions whether social media demonstrates ROI, you can give them these 34 case studies; you can also let them know there are more on the way.

We’d appreciate your input on these 34 or any examples you may have.


  1. AFTER STEAZ: Organic Tea doubled sales through coupons downloaded and shared on Facebook and Twitter with discussion of the how and why organic teas mattered.  250,000 coupons were downloaded and 2,830 tweets were recorded an hour.
  2. AJ BOMBERS: Owner Joe Sorge used Twitter as social maître’d to build relationships with 75% of his customers at his Milwaukee burger joint and weekly sales were up +60% a year later without spending $1 in traditional media. AJ BOMBERS also declared a “Foursquare Day” to earn a Swarn Badge and increased sales +110%.
  3. BEST BUY (Twelp Force): Best Buy employee communities grew to 2,200 employees within 3 months and responded to over 13,000 customers on social networks answering public questions, concerns, and opinions. The Twitter feed @twelpforce now counts over 29,000 followers and the number of questions averages 100-125 per day and is considered a key value-add by customers and the company.
  4. BLENDTEC: CEO Tom Dickson ran viral commercials on YouTube to sell blenders direct-to-consumers and increased company sales +700%.
  5. BURBERRY: Social microsites secured 1,000,000 fans and a 10% increase in same-store sales
  6. CADBURY (Wispa Chocolate Bar): 22,000 fans of Cadbury Wispa petitioned the company on Facebook to bring back the discontinued chocolate bar. 40 million bars were released and sold out in 18 weeks, a rate of 4 per second.
  7. CISCO: Launched a new router and achieved goals using only social media.  It saved the company $100,000’s
  8. CLOROX: Launched online community,, with blog and Twitter effort on Labor Day weekend at the beginning of the school year.  Twitter page was among the Top 10 trending topics over Labor Day weekend and blog was recognized by the Marketing to Mom Coalition and mommy bloggers for excellence in terms of delivering sharable information.
  9. COFFEE GROUNDZ: Used Twitter as a direct ordering channel between the company and its customers.  Coffee Groundz reported 20%-30% increase in company sales and market share via Twitter
  10. COMCAST: Started “Comcast Cares” Twitter customer service center and attracted 2,700 followers.  Many who were critics of the company changed to raving fan.  Quality of attention and dialogue serves as model for the the company.
  11. CONAGRA FOODS (Hunt’s Ketchup): Advocates of Hunt’s pleaded with ConAgra through Facebook to stop putting high fructose corn syrup in what they believe is the “best ketchup ever.”  The company acts responsibly and stops.  Ok. This might not track to direct sales but it’s a great use of social media for a greater good.
  12. DELL: Used Twitter to create “Dell Outlet” and booked $3 million in revenue in one year from Twitter postings
  13. DOMINO’S: Credited Foursquare with a 29% pre-tax profit through promotions that encourage people to check in to their stores
  14. DR. VAKSMAN (DENTIST): Dentist with five month old dental practice in San Francisco attracted 320 new clients through social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  15. DUNKINS DONUTS: Ran annual promotion, “Create Dunkin’ Next Donut,” through social networks to award grand winner with $12,000 plus year’s supply of donuts.  It generated more than 130,000 submission for 174,000 votes and “a healthy response in sales during the promotion period,” according to manager of interactive and relationship marketing, David Tyler.
  16. HARLEY DAVIDSON: ( Harley owners created website and social community totally funded by users and user-generated content.  Here, Harley owners trades photos, jokes, where to find hard to find parts, advice on Harley models and ownership plus there are at least 7 mechanics on-call at all times. now has 35,000+ and cost to Harley is negligible.
  17. HISPANITO: Major hispanic online community,, created entirely through social network.  Within a year, it had 56,000 registered users plus 150,000 unique visitors with 6,000,000 pages viewed every month.
  18. IKEA: Used one of the most popular and basic functions on Facebook, tagging pictures, and used it to IKEA’s advantage to promote its showroom products from sales people to regular people creating recommendation and advocates all over the world and a +15% lift in sales.
  19. IBM: Decided to let company employees set up their own blog and Twitter accounts to service customers and reported the following stats:  There was no IBM corporate blog or Twitter account but there were 17,000 internal blogs, 100,000 employees using internal blogs and as many as 500,000 participants in company crowd-sourcing “jams.”  Results showed:  Crowd-sourcing identified 10 best incubator businesses, which IBM funded for $100 million and generated $100 billion in total revenue for a 10-to-1 ROI with a 44.1% gross profit margin
  20. INDIUM: A company that manufactures special alloys isn’t sexy;  neither is convincing 14 of its engineers to start blogs.  But that exactly what the company does.  It increased leads, prospects, conversions and sales by double digits plus it gave customers the opportunity to know the company’s employees personally.
  21. JETBLUE: Started a Twitter account to have more direct relationship with customers and potential customera and to listen and respond how they could serve them better and deal directly with any complaints.  They now have over 1.5 million followers.
  22. KOGI: A Food Truck serving Korean BBQ in LA used Twitter to let them customers know where the truck was and when it would be in their neighborhood.  They had over 65,000 followers and 300 to 800 customers every time the truck parked.
  23. LIVESTRONG: Raised $10.8 million with the Livestrong Challenge which occurred through social media channels with a blog serving as the hub.  This occurred in 2009, in the midst of a deep recession that was particularly hard on non-profits.
  24. LOUIS E. PAGE INC: Fencing supplier really took off when now-owner Duncan Page added a blog to the business website. Duncan himself was surprised to find an article about how to use woven wire fencing to build a horse paddock attracted more than 1,500 views alone. The result: traffic, media coverage, and an 850% increase in sales leads.
  25. MOONFRUIT: Website builder offered free Apple product via Twitter and got 44,113 followers that resulted in a 600% increase for sign-up.  As another result of the promotion, “Moonfruit” and “Moonfruit Twitter” rose to top-ranking search term on Google for website builders.
  26. NECU JADRANU KOSOR ZA PREMIJERKU! 300 member Croatian Facebook group used Facebook and Twitter to break news of sudden, unexpected resignation of prime minister of Croatia a few minutes before mainstream media.  They became the largest Facebook group in Croatia within 24 hours and now have over 100,000+ fans.
  27. ORACLE: Layered social networks on top of current communication channels and trained  25,000 partners, while reducing costs, boosting satisfaction and increasing PR
  28. PIZZA HUT: iPhone app for ordering accounted for 50% of orders and generate $1,000,000 in revenues
  29. PROCTER & GAMBLE: Launched social community for Tampax and Always with website,  The site focused on the shared interest of early teen girls.  Social community outperformed traditional channels with ROI of 4-to-1. was expanded to 21 countries.
  30. SICKKIDS: The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, set up a wiki, CasafinOntario Wiki, for Doctors to access resources and share “best practices.”  Over 400 physicians participated in the Wiki and comparisons were made between those who did and did not.   CafasinOntario Wiki users reported higher levels of practice change, greater CAFAS knowledge, and greater satisfaction with CAFAS implementation supports. Not only did they feel their learning curve had been accelerated thanks to the wiki, they felt more comfortable with transition.
  31. SNAPPLE: Created Twitter account to share simple facts about its beverages and gained 10,000 followers.
  32. STARBUCKS ( to customers for new product ideas.  “We used to launch a new product and it cost millions of dollars. Now, when we launch a new product, we already have millions of fans,” say Chris Bruzzo, Vice President Brand, Content and Online at Starbucks.
  33. TURBOTAX: TeamTurboTax launched Twitter campaign to respond and answer questions during key tax season and found  customers were 71% more likely to recommend TurboTax because of their interactions with the company through Twitter.
  34. VIRGIN AMERICA: Used “promoted tweets” to offer additional values to travellers and revenues to Virgin American and saw 6%-15% of travellers logged on through WiFi connections for 300 to 500 inflight tweets per day.

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48 to “34 case studies that prove social media ROI”

  1. Richard Rashty says:

    Where can I see the ROI report in detail with all 100 companies?

  2. Rob Petersen says:


    Thanks for the interest. We’re putting out the 100 companies in 3 blog installment and then a report will go up, most likely as a presentation on in my account, robpetersen. Since we’re asking for input along the way, is there anything you might want to see covered in the next installments? Let me know.

    Also, if you’re in the NYC area, I will be teaching a mini-MBA course at Rutgers on Measuring and Tracking Social Media ROI on 12/9 from 1 pm to 4 pm if you’re interested and would like more info.

    Thanks again for the comment.


  3. HI ROb,

    This is huge…I love the diverse examples. Companies who succeed seem to have one thing in common…a champion or culture that allowed social media to break the rules of how things were “traditionally done” and gain traction. Some of the names on your list surprised me…

    I wonder…

    is there a threshhold of social media activity that tips the balance? Is it the type of activity, the amount of activity, or both combined?

    Great work, looking forward to the next 2 installments.

  4. Rob Petersen says:

    Hi Rhonda,

    Thanks for your input. I guess social media #ROI is not only the #1 social media question but a good topic for a blog that uses case studies. You bring up a good point about activity. It seems to start with “commitment” and a company saying we need to do this and do it right. For example, IBM has 17,000 internal blogs; Best Best has 2,200 employees tweeting; Tom Dickson has close to 2 dozen Blendtec video and Joe Sorge at AJ Bombers put a portion of his day just every day into Twitter. The right balance tends to occur or maybe figure itself out once the commitment to “best practice” has occurred. Hope this helps and stay tuned.


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  11. Dell made $3 million in revenue year 1 & last June Dell reported $6 million!
    Keep going Dell! even if I left EMEA for a more personal challenge:-)


  12. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks for contributing to this blog and for your comment, Mag. I appreciate it. Rob

  13. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks for the pingback One Social Media. The week after publishing this blog, I wrote another post with 33 more case studies of social media ROI (brings us to 77). I wish your agency success and thanks for including me on your blog.


  14. Priit Kallas says:

    Wow! This is great stuff. These examples will help get the ideas flowing.

  15. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks for the comment and glad to have been helpful with the ideas.

  16. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks Tom for sharing these case studies. Glad they were helpful to you and hope they help others to know there is an A-to-Z list of social media ROI success stories. Rob

  17. Hi! Have a superb day, keep on writing. and I shall certainly keep reading.

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    Rob, really great work, please send me the rest and will shout it out. Really tired of trying to convince anyone of the benefits of marketing, they simply don’t get it which is why this is very important.

    Cheers and thanks, TC

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  22. Garious says:

    I think it’s only normal for these businesses to say that social media worked for them because they’re already big names in the industry, to start with. They have already proven their worth and people trust their brands… so using social media is just an extension of their effort to reach out to new and old customers out there. I would love to see case studies on startups or small businesses who become successful because of social media.

  23. Rob Petersen says:

    I appreciate the comment and agree, for big businesses with established names, it’s makes sense social media would work as an integrated part of their marketing effort. But there are a number of small businesses on this list who owe their success (even existence) to social media. One is Blendtec; another is AJ Bombers (a small business and start up). Here is owner Joe Sorge telling you himself in a video. Thanks again for the comment. I’m grateful you read the post so thoroughly. Rob

  24. Joe Buhler says:

    Great stuff, Rob and useful ammunition in the still large effort to convince the many doubters out there that social web engagemet has to be part of any overall marketing strategy going forward.

  25. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks Joe. Really appreciate that the information was useful to you. Rob

  26. BarneyA says:

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for sharing this information. Like Joe says, this is great ammunition when dealing with the doubters that still exist.

    I often find that the businesses who deal within a small geographical area are the hardest to convince. Amazing really.

    If you are a small restaurant and want to make sure that tourists are going to come visit – “how on earth will they find you without a robust internet presence (a.k.a. social media – over your competitor?”

    Thanks for sharing

  27. Rob Petersen says:

    Barney, Thanks for the comment. As you know, social media works because 1 persons tells 15 people who tell 165 people so, hopefully, with feedback like yours the experiences are getting through to the “hard to convince” segment. Thanks again for your input. Rob

  28. Fascinating read, maybe the perfect article iv’e browse today. We be taught on a regular basis cheers to you! Nevertheless, I’m having problems with viewing your weblog, have you learnt whats occurring?

  29. bhanu says:

    Hey Rob. Very interesting Post. Well not keen at the ROI report though, but your post is a real eye-opener for many of the old marketers who don’t realize what Social Media can do for them… at least in India 😉 However, really enjoyed the post which pretty much gives a mix of small, medium and large business. Thanks for the excellent post!

  30. Rob Petersen says:

    Thank very much for this comment and appreciating the acknowledgement to mix of different size businesses. The proof of social media ROI is out there for people who look. Appreciate that you did. Thanks again.

  31. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks for the pingback. Really appreciate it. Rob

  32. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks so much for this pingback from across the pond on the case studies. Really appreciate it and glad our social paths could connect. All the best. Rob

  33. Shane says:

    Love the post! Super valuable for us looking to prove to small businesses the value of social media

  34. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks Shane. Glad the post was helpful to you. Always great to hear. Rob

  35. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks very much for using these case studies. I’m glad they were helpful for you.

  36. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  37. Wihow says:

    These cases are very interesting. I will study these cases and try to understand what people did to make success. Is there any secret except hard work?

  38. Dean Berg says:

    Great examples, Rob! I don’t know if you’ve published the remaining 66 yet? Either way, do you have or are you interested in some case studies showing ROI in the Healthcare industry?

  39. Thanks for the blog Rob!

    It just goes to show the growing importance of social Media Marketing. It is not just about improving the company image. As shown in many of the examples above, Social Media can be used to effectively grow a companies consumer base and therefore directly increase revenues. However, companies have to think creatively about how they connect with Social media users. Many businesses fail in that they believe people use social media mainly to learn about new products. The truth is that most of us who uses social media to connect with businesses, are actually looking for discounts etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog. Veru Insightful!

  40. Rob Petersen says:

    Thank you Tom for the comment. Appreciate your thoughts and insights as well. Rob

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