Secrets 166 social media ROI case studies reveal

Social Media ROI secrets166 Cases Studies Prove Social Media Marketing ROI is a complimentary eBook you can download on the sidebar with just a click.
Its intent is to prove social media marketing is here to stay showing ROI (return on investment) with hard sales results for many businesses across a of wide range of categories.
166 case studies is a large number (maybe the largest on the internet in a single resource). You might ask: Were there secrets common to all? Yes.
One thing in common is all these success stories take place in the worst economy since the great depression.  Because social networks are available publishing vehicles for anyone who takes the initiative to use them, they save money, but require time, commitment and courage. In this process, An SMM panel can help to manage social media campaign in effective way. That’s because you express personal values as well as business values, a combination unique to social media that demonstrates shared values to your audience .
With 166 case studies, hopefully, you’ll find a business with similarities to yours and see some of your values expressed through stories like these, the secrets to social media success.
1. TO BUILD IT IS BETTER THAN TO BUY IT: The idea for  Foiled Cupcakes, an online cupcake company that delivers was created when founder, Mari Luangrath, tried to buy her son a dozen gourmet cupcakes for his birthday. In Chicago, that wasn’t possible for under $100. Mari’s model was to lower costs with no store but a website with delivery service. But when the creation of the Foiled Cupcakes website was off-shored and the developer ran into a problem with PayPal, the cupcakes were ready; the website wasn’t. Mari jumped in and started the company with only Foiled Cupcakes Facebook and Twitter pages and a commitment to build relationships. Today, 97% of Foiled Cupcakes’ customers come from social media and the company exceeds forecasts by 600%. Last week, Mari was asked about an order for 40,000 cupcakes.
2. NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE A PASSIONATE BELIEF IN YOUR BRAND: Tom Dickson of Blendtec is a YouTube phenomena. Blendtec has produced roughly a dozen commercials for $1000 each. Some have been viewed over 14,000,000 times. They increased company sales +700% within a year. They all communicate superior product performance and, as you can see in this video, Tom’s passionate belief in his brand.

3. PEOPLE LIKE TO DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE THEY KNOW: General Motors launched “FastLane,” one of the first blogs personally written by senior executives. Customer feedback given through a blog saved the company $180,000/year versus traditional focus group research not to mention the enormous good will of company executives responding to consumers, not a focus group moderator.
4. SOCIAL MEDIA AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE THE SAME BUSINESS: After six months of break-even sales and no money for traditional marketing, Joe Sorge, the owner of AJ Bombers, a burger restuarant in Milwaukee, started using Twitter to attract customers. Within a year, weekly sales increased +60%. What happened? Joe jumped into Twitter where 75% of patrons now come from and AJ Bombers has attracted 20,000+ Twitter followers. Here is the AJ Bombers story.

5. CUSTOMERS TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT SO LET THEM AND LISTEN: Imagine if you said, “I’m going to poll my customers on the customer service they want and deliver it on their terms.” That’s what Best Buy did in creating the TwelpForce, an employee community customer service group that works through Twitter to answer customers questions and concerns. The employee community grew to 2,200 employees within 3 months and responded to over 13,000 customer questions, concerns, and opinions. The Twitter feed @twelpforce now counts 45,000+ followers and the number of questions averages 100-125 per day and is considered a key value-add by customers and the company.
6. YOUR COMMUNITY IS YOUR GREATEST RESOURCE FOR IDEAS, INNOVATION AND ROI: IBM created an internal blog to increase global collaboration. Best of all, they did it by relinquishing control and letting employees set up the own blogs. There were17,000 internal blogs, 100,000 employees using internal blogs and as many as 500,000 participants in company crowd-sourcing “jams.” IBM invested $100 million in company generated new product ideas and saw a return of $100 billion in total revenue for a 100-to-1 ROI with a 44.1% gross profit margin.
Are these secrets worth sharing with someone at your office? Is 166 Case Studies Prove Social Media Marketing ROI of interest to your business? Do these values prove your brand can achieve success using social media?


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