12 best web analytic tools any business could want

web analytic tools
Web Analytics tools are used to collect, measure and analyze web data. Web analytics tools are not just for measuring web traffic. They are used to:

  • Find your audience on the internet
  • Attract them to your website and understand behaviors
  • Learn from competitors
  • Test new ideas
  • See where your audience goes and what they tell others

With this knowledge, any company has a blueprint to improve business. Plus invaluable market research.
What are the best web analytics tools?
Here the 12 best web analytic tools any business could want.
FIND YOUR AUDIENCE: The best way is to find your audience is to identify the keywords they query that are likely to drive them to your unique product or service. Here’s how to find your audience on the internet.

  • GOOGLE TRENDS: Has cataloged every keywords ever searched on Google and displayed it as a graph showing the term’s popularity over time in (nearly) real time. The graph can be examined by countries, regions, cities and customized time periods to name just a few of its features.
  • GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER: Provides traffic estimates of the Average Monthly Search Volume of keywords as well as ideas on others. You can even give the Google Keyword Planner a link to your website or landing page and it provides keyword ideas on what it thinks your website is about.
  • SEO BOOK RANK CHECKER: Want to know where your website ranks for your keywords? SEO Book Rank Checker tells you for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Plus, the Firefox Rank Checker extension allows you to easily check your website rankings from your browser.

ATTRACT THEM TO YOUR WEBSITE AND UNDERSTAND BEHAVIORS: A visitor’s behavior and drivers and conversions are critical to achieving business goals. Here’s are the best tools to understand website behaviors.

  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Tracks and reports website traffic – how much, where it comes from, what is most viewed and does your audience take desired actions. Google Analytics’ approach is to show high-level, dashboard-type data for the casual user, and more in-depth data further into the report set. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.
  • ADOBE MARKETING CLOUD: Is a collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics products by Adobe Systems. It is a comprehensive marketing solution which enables marketers to measure, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns for optimal marketing performance.
  • GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE: Optimizes visibility of a website. It helps to monitor and maintain your site’s presence in search results by letting you know how many pages are found (or Indexed) on search engine, what websites are sending traffic to your website through Inbound Links and keywords that result is clicks to your website.

LEARN FROM COMPETITORS: Competitors are a valuable source of comparison and learning. Here are best tools to analyze and learn from your competitors.

  • SIMILAR WEB: Uses big data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for websites and mobile apps. It collects data from panel of web surfers made of millions of anonymous users equipped with a portfolio of apps, browser plugins, desktop extensions and software.
  • ALEXA: Also estimates and ranks traffic based on the browsing behavior of people in their global data panel which is a sample of all internet users. Alexa measures closely align to Google Analytics for many metrics.
  • WEB TRENDS: Analyzes confusing data gathered from websites and transforms it into actionable information that can be used to optimize web traffic and campaign ROI. They look for opportunities that other providers may have missed and act on them before competitors have a chance.

TEST NEW IDEAS: To improve the success of your effort, you’ll want to test new idea. And it can be done in ways that measure and prove the impact of your initiatives.

  • OPTIMIZELY: Gives businesses the ability to conduct A/B testing, in which two versions of a page can be compared for performance. Multivariate testing can also be done. Optimizely enables personalization, which can be used for making data-driven decisions. It meets the diverse needs of thousands of customers worldwide looking to deliver connected experiences to their audiences across channels.

SEE WHERE THEY GO AND WHAT THEY TELL OTHERS,  What people say about your brand has an important impact on your business and brand reputation. Here’s are some of best tools available to listen and measure social channels.

  • CISION: Monitors conversations to see where the discussion about your brand is taking place, what’s being said and who is leading it. With Cision social software, a single dashboard provides valuable insights to position your brand against the competition.
  • BRANDWATCH: Examines data from millions of sources, from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to news, blogs and even product reviews. It can deliver a huge amount of data for analysis. Its extensive filters and customizable reports make that data easy to analyze and put to use for marketing campaigns, product research and reputation management.

Do these tools give you a complete picture of web analytics and the best tools to use? Are there any others that you would include? Do you need a partner to manage and guide your business with web analytics?


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