9 mobile app trends for 2017 in 1 infographic

mobile app trends
268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue according to Gartner in 2017.
Apps are not just built for smartphones anymore. They are needed for homes, cars and commerce. In 2017, there is a huge entrepreneurs and consumers. It’s creating many opportunities for innovation.
What’s in store mobile app trends for 2017?

  1. 2017 will be the year of small businesses developing mobile apps
  2. Location-based services continue to rise.
  3. Integration of augmented reality into utility apps because they make a great couple
  4. Android Instant Apps to become a common trend
  5. Artificial Intelligence has officially gone mobile
  6. IoT Apps integration to continue unchallenged
  7. Application security to be more important than ever
  8. More companies see mobile apps as a way to increase sales, improved customer experience and be competitive in market
  9. Mobile App revenue to soar to $77 billion

Mobile Apps are now available for nearly every task imaginable.
Want to learn more? Here are 7 mobile app trends for 2017 in infographic.

Thanks to Andrew Gazdecki, CEO at Bizness Apps,
Would a Mobile App help your business to increase sales, improve customer experience and be more competitive in market in 2017?

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