11 top tips for great Facebook ad designs (Infographic)

facebook ad designs
Facebook ad designs are worth understanding for anyone thinking about advertising on Facebook. Consider these facts:

  • $234,000,000 worth of virtual goods and gifts on Facebook over a quarter
  • 40,000,000 active small business pages on Facebook
  • 2,000,000 active advertisers on Facebook (Source: Jeff Bullas)

The power of Facebook ad designs in generating leads lies is effective targeting features that ensure that an ad is shown to a target audience. Online marketers know that so the competition for viewers’ attention is hotter than ever. Every day, thousands of businesses create good Facebook ads to get more customers, but the success doesn’t come to everyone. That’s because good ads are not enough. You need a great ad to win.
A real professional who wants to make an ad truly compelling and interesting for a target audience uses a range of advanced options. To help you approach the creation of Facebook ads like a pro, the designers at www.assignmenthelper.com.au have created an infographic that outlines 11 top tips. These tips are used by professional online content marketers to win the attention of viewers by providing them with truly relevant and appealing ads.
The infographic in this post contains some sophisticated tips like using the psychology of color, developing buyer personas, and attracting attention by providing ads based on the interest of the viewer. If you haven’t heard about these techniques, then you should definitely check it out. By getting to know how professionals do it, you’ll be more confident in your marketing effort on Facebook.
Top tips of great Facebook ad designs include:

  1. Develop and test multiple designs
  2. Develop your buyer persona
  3. Attract the social proof
  4. Call customers to action
  5. Choose the right image
  6. Use psychology of color
  7. Pick location-specific images
  8. Use the power of “free”
  9. Use images of faces
  10. Feature real testimonials
  11. Use the sense of urgency

Words communicate what’s necessary but pictures provide examples that show the proof. Here’s the infographic. 11 top tips for great Facebook ad designs.
Facebook Ad Designs
Does this infographic help you with great Facebook ad designs. Do you need help with your Facebook ads?

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