12 SEO success stories on seizing the opportunity

SEO Success Stories

SEO success stories

SEO success stories show how businesses effectively use search engine optimization (SEO) to:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or web page from search engines
  • Attract high-value visitors
  • Increase the right results

It requires a certain type of skill. But it can be learned. Firstly, SEO success requires analysis and strategy. Secondly, implementation, measurement, and optimization.

Here are 12 SEO success stories on seizing the opportunity.

SEO success stories (A-G)

  • BLINK HEALTH: Has been a longtime leader in the online pharmacy space. Blink Health’s brand had authority and trust with consumers. However, not high search ranks. Referring links are implemented monthly to help turn their SEO around. As a result, Page 1 rankings increase by 52%. Organic search traffic increases by 175%. And there is a 573% ROI.
  • BOOMBOX STORAGE: Is a San Francisco Bay Area full-service storage company. They focus on 2 key target audiences: college students moving to the San Francisco Bay Area and residents with limited storage. Then, they use thematically-relevant links from strong referring domains. Exact anchor phrases are acquired to target specific pages. Boombox increases organic search traffic by 1,690% and online booking by 443% year-over-year.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VILLAS: Offer luxury villa rentals for over 25 years. They do an SEO audit. This leads them to the use of featured snippets. In their first month, they get 30 featured snippets. Results are a 571% increase in organic traffic. And a revenue increase of 30% from their website.

SEO case studies (H-M)

  • LOU MALNATI’S PIZZA: Has 50 locations and e-commerce from TastesofChicago.com. However, pizza delivery in the Chicago area is a fierce business. So, they do competitive intelligence. They look for keywords where competitors show up high. And use them. Revenue increases by 30% in both restaurants and e-commerce.
  • MILK BAR: Is a dessert company in New York founded by pastry chef, Christina Tosi. Service companies like these have been hurt by the pandemic. An SEO audit reveals an opportunity to respond by targeting relevant bakery terms and adding the word, “delivery.” New content is pursued on web pages to make this happen. As a result, this generates a +171% increase in organic traffic to the new web pages and a +113% increase in revenue in two months.
  • MONSTER.COM: A global online recruiting service, wants to drive more visits to view job listing and their details. Their SEO team starts using structured data. That’s because Google uses content details on a page as structured data to understand what the page is about. For example, a recipe page contains details on the recipe title, ingredients, and cooking time. Results are a 94% increase in organics traffic to job details pages. And a 10% increase in job applications.

SEO success stories (N-R)

  • ORANGETHEORY FITNESS: Is a science-backed group workout with 1,100+ studios. The SEO strategy is to increase search engine results for fitness terms that contain the word, “gym”. The keyword strategy uses long-tailed keywords. Results are a 104% increase in organic traffic and a 9.7% increase in year-over-year revenue.
  • PHILIPS HUE: Is a leading smart lighting brand, Their content strategy is to create clusters of non-branded and generic keywords. Then, they transform them into relevant blog topics like “bedroom lighting ideas” and “living room lighting ideas,” In 6 months, the website accrues an additional 400K organic impressions with a clickthrough rate of 2.5%.
  • RESPONSIFY: Is a Brooklyn-based B2B customer research company. Specific and unique keywords are identified for each web page and the right keyword density is implemented to improve on-site optimization. Ranking keyword increase nearly tenfold and organic monthly traffic increases by 582%
  • ROCKY BRANDS: Designs, develops, manufactures, and markets premium quality outdoor, work, western, and military footwear. They make informed decisions about what keywords should be the target for each page. And optimize the page title and meta descriptions to enhance existing content and improve SEO performance. There is an increase of 1,479 organic keywords on page 1. Organic search revenue is up 30%,

SEO case studies (S-Z)

  • SNACKNATION: Is a healthy snack delivery service. They want to achieve a top rank for highly relevant keywords. For example, “weight loss,” “burn calories,” and “simple diet tricks.” So they search for the top-ranking blog posts on particular keywords, analyze them, and find flaws. As a result, they create better content than the one ranking #1 in search results. This strategy works and they get the #1 and #2 ranks. And this was five years ago. Today, they still occupy these top positions.
  • WE MOUNT TVS: Is a regional business. They are spending a disproportionate amount of money on PPC. And not seeing results. An SEO content program is employed on the web pages for specific areas like Austin TX and Huntsville AL. Links are increased on these pages to create authority in the geographic regions. Organic keyword rankings grow by +115% and new users from organic search increase by +52%.

Do these SEO success stories help you to see how to seize the opportunity on your business? Are you looking to see SEO results?

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