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Why BarnRaisers' digital marketing works

The internet has changed our behavior, so marketing has changed.

Marketing is no longer a monologue, but a conversation. And the power of marketing is multiplied when it reaches people through shared interests and relevant content. But companies require proof-points it’s working and ROI it’s building their brands.


We work using a process called Socio-media-logy (TM).  We follow four steps so you: 1) See the results as your business experiences these benefits and 2) manage your investment with learning and insights that scale and sustain results and ROI.


Here’s a way we start as we “Crawl.” We listen before you leap into digital and social media marketing. We do what we call, Social Media Listening and Online Audience Profiling. It provides your business with a strategy and a plan. See how it works for yourself and has guided businesses:


Facts and figures that guide our beliefs and way of working:

  • 90% of all purchase decisions begin online
  • 75% of consumers shop online before they buy offline
  • 85% are looking for an independent review
  • 78% of people trust the recommendations of other people
  • They have an average of 130 friends online
  • Positive perceptions of companies increase by +36% if they have a blog on their website
  • 14% of people trust advertising
  • Only 18% of TV advertising campaign ever achieve a positive return on investment

Sources: Nielsen, comScore, eMarketer, IAB

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