How to Delete All My Twitter(X) History

In today’s digital age, privacy and online reputation are more important than ever. Many Twitter(X) users are increasingly concerned about their past tweets, likes, and retweets coming back to haunt them. Whether you’re looking to clean up your profile for personal reasons, job hunting, or simply want a fresh start, deleting your Twitter(X) history can be a wise decision. In this article, we’ll explore why people want to delete their Twitter history, how your data can be viewed by others on the internet, and introduce Circleboom as the safest tool to help you delete all your tweets, likes, retweets, and even your Twitter archive

Why People Want to Delete Their Twitter(X) History

  1. Privacy Concerns: Over the years, you may have shared personal information or opinions that you no longer want public. Deleting your history helps protect your privacy.
  2. Job Hunting: Potential employers often scrutinize social media profiles. Cleaning up your Twitter history can ensure that past tweets don’t negatively impact your job prospects.
  3. Change in Personal Views: People grow and change, and so do their opinions. Deleting old tweets can prevent outdated views from being misinterpreted.
  4. Online Reputation Management: In the era of cancel culture, a single old tweet can lead to significant backlash. Deleting your Twitter history helps manage your online reputation.
  5. Reducing Digital Footprint: Deleting your history helps minimize your digital footprint, reducing the amount of personal data available online.

How Others Can See Your Data on the Internet

  1. Public Profile: If your Twitter profile is public, anyone can see your tweets, likes, and retweets. This includes search engines indexing your posts, making them accessible to anyone with a simple search.
  2. Archived Data: Even if you delete a tweet, it might still be accessible through web archives or screenshots taken by others.
  3. Third-Party Tools: There are numerous tools available that can scrape and archive tweets. This means even deleted tweets might be stored somewhere on the internet.
  4. Employer Background Checks: Employers often use professional services to conduct thorough background checks, which can include your social media history.

Circleboom: The Safest Tool to Delete All Your Twitter(X) History

When it comes to deleting your Twitter history, Circleboom is the most reliable and secure tool available. As an official Twitter partner, Circleboom ensures compliance with Twitter’s guidelines, providing a safe and efficient way to delete all your tweets, likes, retweets, and even your Twitter archive.

Key Features of Circleboom

  1. Delete All Tweets: Circleboom allows you to delete all your tweets in bulk, saving you time and effort compared to manually deleting each tweet.
  2. Remove Likes and Retweets: In addition to tweets, Circleboom can also delete all your likes and retweets, ensuring a complete clean-up of your Twitter history.
  3. Delete Twitter Archive: Circleboom provides the option to delete your entire Twitter archive, ensuring that no old data is left behind.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making the process of deleting your Twitter history straightforward.
  5. Secure and Compliant: As an official Twitter partner, Circleboom ensures that all deletion activities are secure and compliant with Twitter’s terms of service.

How to Use Circleboom to Delete Your Twitter History

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Circleboom for deleting your Twitter history:

Step #1: Start by logging into Circleboom Twitter.

If you’re new to Circleboom, creating an account is swift and straightforward!

If this is your first time and your Twitter account isn’t linked to Circleboom yet, connecting them is a quick process.

Step #2: Welcome to the dashboard! On the left, locate “My Tweets”.

Select the “Delete all my Tweets” option. With Circleboom, you’re not confined by the 3,200 tweet limit – bulk delete even more!

Step #3: To view and bulk delete all your tweets, first download your Twitter archive, then upload the tweet.js file from it.

No stress – Circleboom is here to guide you through it!

Simply download your Twitter archive and upload the tweet.js file. Drag and drop the tweet.js file from your Twitter Archive files with ease.

Step #4: All your tweets (including retweets and replies) are now displayed. Regardless of the number, even if it’s over 3,200, they’ll all appear here, ready for you to mass delete with just one click!

Moreover, you have the option to filter your tweets for selective deletion. For instance, you can choose to delete tweets based on the number of likes and retweets, as shown.

You can also locate and bulk delete tweets by date, keywords, hashtags, and languages. Finding and erasing tweets is incredibly straightforward, isn’t it?

Another feature allows you to delete or retain tweets with media, or exclusively remove tweets without media. All these options are at your disposal!

Step #5: Once you’re ready, hit the red “Delete my Tweets” button.

You’ll be directed to a confirmation page to ensure you’re certain about deleting your tweets.


Deleting your Twitter history is an effective way to protect your privacy, manage your online reputation, and ensure your social media presence aligns with your current views and goals. Circleboom offers the safest and most efficient solution for deleting all your tweets, likes, retweets, and Twitter archive. By using Circleboom, you can confidently clean up your Twitter account and minimize your digital footprint. 

Start using Circleboom today to take control of your Twitter history and enjoy a fresh start on social media.

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