10 best tools for Sentiment Analysis from free to fee 0

Posted on January 02, 2017 by Rob Petersen

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis extracts relevant actionable information and “overall” attitude of customers toward specific product, service or topics from unstructured  data without reading thousands of documents manually, thus saving valuable time and resources.

Sentiment Analysis is a key metric in many industries for gauging reaction to a new product or services, identifying major difficulties that customers are experiencing in a product, identifying root causes of quality issues and gaining inputs for marketing campaigns. Many consider Sentiment Analysis an essential element for any company doing Social Media Monitoring. Here is a comprehensive guide to Sentiment Analysis.

Is a Sentiment Analysis something that has value for your business? Then, here are the 10 best tools for a Sentiment Analysis from fee to free.

Apache NiFi - Sentiment Analysis

APACHE HADOOP: Is an open source framework for distributed storage and processing of large sets of data on commodity hardware. Hadoop enables businesses to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. A wide variety of companies and organizations use Hadoop for both research and production. Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing and transformation.

Brandwatch - Sentiment Analysis

BRANDWATCH: Get deep insights into consumer opinion on any topic from across the social web. Brandwatch can deliver a huge amount of data for analysis. Its extensive filters and customizable reports make that data easy to analyze and put to use for marketing campaigns, product research and reputation management. It’s especially good for agencies or businesses with multiple users with different needs.

Cision - Sentiment Analysis

CISION: Monitor conversations across social channels including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, and more. Identify performance trends and insights with social media listening. Manage and track your brand’s reputation by exploring what people are saying about your business across a variety of social platforms. Identify leads, gauge the impact of your tactics and determine how you stack up against the competition.

Critical Mention - Sentiment Analysis

CRITICAL MENTION: Analyzes your saved searches so you can gain qualitative and quantitative insight into media coverage. Benchmark against competitors, drill in on stories with negative and positive sentiment, spot themes using word clouds, and visualize density of coverage on maps.

Google Alerts - Sentiment Analysis

GOOGLE ALERTS: Is a free, simple and very useful way to monitor your search queries. I use it to track “content marketing” and get regular email updates on the latest relevant Google results. This is a good starting point for tracking influencers, trends and competitors.

Hootsuite - Sentiment Analysis

HOOTSUITE: A great freemium tool that allows you to manage and measure your social networks. Understand how people feel about your brand and then easily filter results by location, language, and gender—for a multi-dimensional view of your market segments. Hootsuite Insights accesses real-time data from over 100 million sources in 50+ languages across 25+ social networks and other platforms.

`Hortonworks - Sentiment Analysis

HORTONWORKS: Enable an organization to manage all data, data-in-motion and data-at-rest to empower action intelligence for your organization whether the data is in the data center or in cloud. Hortonworks uses Hive to analyze the social sentiment after we have finished collecting our data from Apache NiFi. Meltwater - Sentiment Analysis

MELTWATER: Assess the tone of the commentary as a proxy for brand reputation and uncover new insights that help you understand your target audience. Stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog, and social media conversations, and extract the insights you need to understand and drive brand perception for your company.

OpenText - Sentment Analysis

OPEN TEXT: Sentiment Analysis module is a specialized classification engine used to identify and evaluate subjective patterns and expressions of sentiment within textual content. The analysis is performed at the topic, sentence, and document level and is configured to recognize if the opinion expressed within these pieces of content are positive, negative, mixed, or neutral. Combining machine learning with natural language processing techniques, the OpenText Sentiment Analysis module is one of the most powerful engines available out of the box.

Statsoft - Sentiment Analysis

STATSOFT: Sentiment Analysis Solution provides cutting-edge analysis tools allowing innovative businesses to extract meaningful patterns and information through Statistica’s powerful state-of-the-art Statistical Natural Language Processing methods (SNLP).  With Statistica advanced modeling algorithms and massively parallel and in-memory processing, SNLP can be applied easily to large volumes of documents in virtually any databases and repositories to efficiently score large numbers of records.

Sentiment Analysis plays an important role in the measurement of any communication program. Are these tools you would use for Sentiment Analysis? Would you include any others?

Top 10 social media listening tools from fee to free 3

Posted on June 19, 2016 by Rob Petersen


social media listening tools

Social media listening tools identify and assess what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the internet. They are used to identify trends, track competitors, understand customer sentiment and discover insights for business building.

Whether it comes with a fee or is free, social media listening tools should be able to:

  • Listen for specific mentions across social media
  • Identify trending topics or phrases
  • Detail customer sentiment
  • Organize customer information
  • Identify thought leaders and influencers

Is this valuable for you business? What are the best ones? Why?

Here are our 10 top social media listening tools from fee to free.

social media listening tools sysomos

1. SYSOMOS: Is a comprehensive social media listening tools especially relevant for businesses with global reach. It can monitor 186 languages and translate 55. Sysomos is a platform comprised of products with specific roles. Sysomos Everything Together (SET) is an integrated social platform that brings together four of its leading products: 1) MAP – which identifies influencers, understanding customer sentiment, or tracking your own social strategies over time, 2) Heartbeat – to monitor, analyze, and understand all the conversations around specific topics all over the world, 3) Influence – helps identify the individuals that can amplify your message and encourages others to take action and 4) Optimize – to engage directly with your target audience is important for all advertisers. Sysomos requires a subscription licence based on the number of users. Subscription fees are monthly and can be purchase by product for a suite of products. Unlimited use of the Sysomos MAP with no restriction on the number of queries, topics or results and complete support and training of an Account Manager is $2,500/month. For Sysomos Heartbeat, $500/month and $1,000/month for Heartbeat Pro to give you an idea.

social listening tools visible technologies

2.VISIBLE TECHNOLOGIES: Is an online social reputation management and social media software solution for enterprise marketers and agencies worldwide. Visible Technologies uses two sentiment-analysis techniques for an accuracy of 80 to 90 percent. The company operates Visible Intelligence, a technology platform that focuses on social media monitoring, data analytics and insights, and customer engagement areas. Its platform also facilitates guided search navigation; repeatable search categories, such as demographics, segments, and attributes; post scheduling; reach analytics; advanced filtering; and scheduled reports. Pricing is monthly subscription requiring a one-year contract. It is one of the more expensive option because you are paying for unlimited search. Pricing starts at $12,000/year.

social listening tools salesforce social studio

3, SALESFORCE: Is a social media management solution designed to build and maintain relationship throughout the “customer journey.” Salesforce Social Studio is keyword based so it is important to know the topics, subjects and brands you are listening for. Salesforce Social Studio help are to listen more effectively across multiple platforms. Social Studio draws tech strengths from Radian6 including social customer monitoring and engagement as well as management across multiple social channels. Social Studio is also used for scheduling posts, customer engagement and social media publishing. Social Studio is cloud based operating on an annual contract. It has channels for email, mobile, ads, and web it addition to Social Studio that helps brands listen, engage, and publish on social networks. Pricing starts at $15,000/year and is determined based on the number of users, brands and keywords.

social listening tools brandwatch

4. BRANDWATCH: Is a platform for social media monitoring, allowing you to analyze and utilize conversations from across the social web.  From social media monitoring to functions such as investor relations, public affairs and media relations, Brandwatch integrates data from a wide variety of area into telling dashboards. Online focus groups can even be set up. Brandwatch is one of the strongest social media anayltics tools you can find. Its pricing is going to be a little out of reach for small businesses but it is an excellent social media listening tool for mid-sized business on up. Pricing starts at $800/month.

social listening tools viralheat

5. VIRALHEAT: Encompasses every aspect of social media monitoring by providing a very handy solution that allows you insight into how your competitors are performing, who they are engaging with and which users are the big influencers. You can monitor and analyze in real-time and you’ve got a powerful base to create conversations or join conversations that are happening right now. You can also drill deeper into the monitoring of your brand by comparing keywords and monitoring any current trends. ViralHeat was acquired by Cision to build out the most comprehensive suite to build out the most comprehensive suite of social media tools. It is still available on a stand-along basis. Pricing is on a monthly subscription basis. It starts at $9/month and is based on the number of users.

social listening tools simply measured

6. SIMPLYMEASURED: Is one of the best single-source solution for web and social analytics out there. SimplyMeasured consolidates metrics into a single, easy-to-use reporting dashboard make to make things easy to digest when sharing metrics across the organisation. Simply Measured is fully compatible with mobiles and tablets. The layout fits perfectly on mobile and tablet, regardless of screen size, with a fully responsive design that looks as gorgeous as the web view on a desktop. Pricing is monthly and starts at $500/month.

social listening tools sprout social

7. SPROUTSOCIAL: Makes managing multiple platforms simple by allowing you to schedule, post, and follow up on users. It creates an ability to find new users and search by topics so you can find new followers and topics to keep up with. Sprout Social’s dashboards is very clean and organized. Sprout Social offers excellent integration with Google Analytics as well as excellent customer service. Pricing is monthly, reasonable with opportunities to trade up as needed. For a business that is serious about social media monitoring but not yet ready to make a major financial investment, Sproutsocial should be a strong consideration. They offer a free trial. On an annual basis, costs are in the area of $3,000 for use by a team of 4.

social listening tools hootsuite

8. HOOTSUITE: Is one of the more popular social media management platforms and probably the most popular with small buisnesses. A primary advantage of Hootsuite is that it connects to virtually every social network. So if you want to run, manage and monitor campaigns on multiple social network, Hootsuite does it simply. The interface on HootSuite is organized by tabs allowing users to divide engagement activity into social networks and streams. The number of social networks that Hootsuite users have access to is determined by their account level: Free, Pro, or Enterprise. The Free version is limited to three networks. Their Pro version is $9.99/month.

social listening tools addictomatic

9. ADDICTOMATIC: Searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. Twazzup, Addict-o-matic and SocialMention are three free platforms that allow you to measure your social media mentions instantly with the buzz on any topic. Addictomatic is a discovery platform. After you search, you can personalize your results dashboard by moving around the source boxes. When you’re done, bookmark the page and keep coming back to your personalized results dashboard for that search.

social listening tools social searcher

10. SOCIAL SEARCHER: Social Searcher is also a social search engine. But Social Searcher also provides you with access to some interesting analytical tools, such as sentiment (in terms of positive, negative, neutral and ratio), the source of the content that you have found: Content, types of result (links, photographs, status updates), keywords (1 word, 2 words, 3 words) and popular content (such as retweeted tweets). You can use Social Searcher free for 100 real time searches per day. The basic version allows 200 searches per day going through to the professional version at 800 searches per day, based on network usage. Costs go from €3.49 per month to €19.49 a month.

Did you know about these social media listening tools? Are there any you would add or delete in your top 10? Do you need help identifying the right social media listening tool for your business?

22 practical tips on how social media listening builds business 1

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Rob Petersen




social media listening

Good listening is the key to developing fresh insights and ideas that fuel success. If you talk less than you listen, are respectful and pick the right time to challenge assumptions, you display the characteristics of an effective listener; one that usually succeeds at what they set out to do.

The benefits of being a good listener apply to social media marketing. If you find social media too time consuming, too big to manage and question its business contributions to the bottom line, the chances are you haven’t done enough good listening.

What should you do? How does it benefit your business? Here are 22 practical tips on how social media listening builds business.


  • REACH: Start by determining the size of your audience adding up how many people you reach – the number of all the people who you are connected, follow you or like you.
  • KEYWORD AND CONTENT IMPROVEMENT: Use keywords, topics and conversions from social media listening to improve not only social media engagement but branded content, SEO and SEM strategies and programs.
  • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: Is used to measure opinions about topics you would consider or are talking about by scoring text in comments as positive or negative. It is the social equivalent of an opinion poll.
  • COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: Do the same exercises for your primary competitors and determine your competitive advantage.
  • TAG CLOUD: Is a visual representation of user-generated electronic tags or keywords that classify and describe online content in different font sizes, to show relative frequency or provide links to further information.
  • CONVERSATION MAPPING: Is an efficient way of collecting a large amount of data from a diverse group of experts and/or stakeholders in a short period of time. The purpose is to provide clarity on key issues.
  • COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY: With these building blocks, you have the tool to create a Communication Strategy, your blueprint for exchanging relevant information with your target audience.


  • KEY INFLUENCES: Need to how to reach Key Influencers? Use social media listening to see who is engaging on social media and the size of their social following. Look at their their Klout Score as a ranking tool. Start a Twitter Chat to accelerate the process. Build relationships with the people you’ve identified.
  • COMMUNITY BUILDING: Interact with customers in a way that builds a positive image of your brand and fosters better relationships, which eventually form a tight community of loyal followers.
  • LIST BUILDING: Create a list of those who have an interest in your industry, category, competition or brand that is authentic, more reliable and less costly through social media listening.
  • CRM INTEGRATION: If your business uses a CRM system, integrate your list with your CRM system to make social media listening work with marketing automation and prove cost savings.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE IDENTIFICATION: Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, these social media listening activities help create a high value target audience.


  • ANSWER AUDIENCE QUESTIONS: Connect people with questions to people with answers.
  • RESPOND TO COMPLAINTS: Quickly address a gripe before it snowballs into a bigger undertaking.
  • SHARE COMPLIMENTS: Find compliments and leverage them to position yourself as a trusted information source. Don’t forget to say “thanks.”
  • AGILITY: Time of reaction is also important for building a positive brand image. A recent study from Lithium Technologies shows 53% of consumers who tweet a brand expect a response within an hour. Things get even more extreme when the tweet in question is a complaint – the figure above rises to 72%,
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: If a sudden peak occurs, or a conversation appears to be increasing at an unusual rate, it’s a good idea to monitor conversations about your brand and respond to negative posts on a regular basis. Customers who are angry or dissatisfied are likely to be get more indignant and angry when they feel they are being ignored.
  • READY PROSPECTS: Know who’s looking for what you offer right now. Only social media gives you this kind of instant insight into the habits of your best prospects.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION: Connect all of your social media accounts in a cohesive, consistently branded network that points your potential customers where you want them to go. By connecting with people in various online venues, you extend the reach of your business and increase opportunities for people to link to your main business page.
  • CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: Understand the main problems, motivations and issues customers might have with their products or services. This in turn helps them to come up with more efficient customer service.
  • PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT: By intelligently listening in social media, you can uncover various problems consumers experience when using your product and then address them when releasing a corrected version. Monitoring the reviews of your product, you’ll gain additional input and lots of ideas on how to improve it.
  • KEY INFLUENCER RECRUITING: Uncover new key experts and influencers and build the social currency of your brand on a continuous basis.
  • EVALUATION: Determine how the use of social media listening has helped not  business results directly and indirectly. Plan for social media listening to be a part of your operation based on the value it provides.

Do these reasons prove the value of social media listening to you? Does it convince you to do it? Does your business need help being a good social media listener?

31 crystal-clear facts support Social Media Intelligence 0

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Rob Petersen



social media intelligency

Social Media Intelligence is the collective use of monitoring, listening tools and solutions that allow organizations to monitor social channels and conversations, respond to social signals and synthesize social data points into meaningful trends and analysis.

Benefits companies realize from Social Media Intelligence are:

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Service
  • On-Line Research
  • Key Influencer Identification
  • Community Building
  • Company Productivity

These benefits suggest Social Media Intelligence can transform the way a company does business.

Do you think so? If these aren’t enough, here are 31 crystal-clear facts to support a company’s use of Social Media Intelligence.

  1. 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content (NewsCred)
  2. 86% of U.S. adults interact with social media in some way (Forrester)
  3. 85% of customer relationships with an enterprise will occur without interacting with a human by 2020. (Target Marketing)
  4. 85% of B2B buyers believe companies should present information via social networks (Iconsive)
  5. 78% of companies now say they have dedicated social media teams, up from 67% in 2012 (i-SCOOP)
  6. 75% of companies do not know where their most valuable customer are talking about them (Harvard Business Review)
  7. 75% of US marketers believe customer response management on digital channels is important (eMarketer)
  8. 75% of small businesses use social media to promote their businesses—more than any other category of media (BIA/Kelsey)
  9. 72% of companies use social technologies in some way, very few are anywhere near to achieving the full potential benefit (McKinsey)
  10. 71% of companies ignore customer complaint on Twitter (Convince and Convert)
  11. 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers (Jeff Bullas)
  12. 67% of potential value of social media lies in improving collaboration and communication within and across enterprises (McKinsey)
  13. 67% of marketers say increasing sales directly attributable to digital marketing campaigns is a top priority this year (Forbes)
  14. More than 60% of Internet-connected individuals in the US now engage on social media platforms every day (Bain & Company)
  15. 60% of companies monitor employees’ social media use (Gartner)
  16. 60% of corporations have programs in place to monitor social media accounts — including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn — for security breaches and data leaks (Gartner)
  17. 53% of marketers rank content creation as the single most effective SEO tactic (NewsCred)
  18. Over 50% of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. (Rocket Post)
  19. 50% of millennials use their smartphones to research products or services while shopping, and 41% have made purchases using their phones (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  20. 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases (Jeff Bullas)
  21. 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for marketing (NewsCred)
  22. 34% of Fortune 500 companies now maintain active blogs – the largest share since 2008. (Forbes)
  23. 31% do not measure the effectiveness of social media (Harvard Business Review)
  24. 25% of US Marketers believe it is okay to ignore consumers on social media (eMarketer)
  25. 23% are using social analytic tools (Harvard Business Review)
  26. Only 20% of CMOs leverage social networks to engage with customers (Marketing Land)
  27. Only 7% of company say they integrate social media into their marketing activities (Harvard Business Review)
  28. There are 27 million pieces of content shared each day (NewsCred)
  29. Each month, 329 million people read blogs (NewsCred)
  30. “Interesting content” is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media (NewsCred)
  31. Social media marketing budgets are projected to double over the next five years (Social Fresh)

If your company is using social media, are you doing any social media intelligence? Do these facts help convince you that you should? Are you ready to begin?

10 lessons on Walmart’s social media strategy for any business 0

Posted on August 10, 2014 by Rob Petersen



walmart-wins-marriageWalmart is the world’s largest public corporation, biggest private employer and largest retailer. It is still a family-owned business.

Walmart also has a big social media presence. Walmart has:

Why? What does Walmart know that the rest of us can learn?

Here are 10 lessons on Walmart’s social media strategy for every business.

  • START WITH A GOAL: Walmart’s goal for social media is to ensure that customers and potential customers understand that the discount store has the lowest prices in the industry and that Walmart’s mission is to help them save money so they can live better lives. That’s according to Chad Mitchell, Senior Director of Digital Communication. Because the company is often a target for controversial press, a second objective is to use social media to protect, defend and enhance Walmart’s reputation.
  • TRAIN EMPLOYEES: The company trains it’s employees on its mission. They encourage storytelling. to solidify Walmart’s brand and the values its founder established more than 50 years ago.
  • ESTABLISH GUIDELINES: There are guidelines on engagement, location-based promotions for associates and “Walmart Moms” who post or publish.
  • HAVE A PURPOSE FOR EACH SOCIAL NETWORK: Walmart’s role for Twitter is to ask very basic questions of its users: “What’s happening?” By having a number of Twitter accounts, Walmart aims to provide information on Walmart’s major activities and initiatives – from sustainability to diversity, from healthier foods to charitable giving. Walmart uses Facebook to communicate specific values that are occurring every day at both the national level and in each of its 3,500-plus stores.
  • SEGMENT BY AUDIENCE INTERESTS: The company has Twitter handles with @WalmartHub being the “parent” handle that only Re-tweets the best performing content from the other handles, The other accounts feature the following topics:
  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA NATIONALLY AND LOCALLY: On Facebook, Walmart ambitious My Local Walmart program establishes individual Facebook fan pages for its 3,500-plus stores, It also involves a Facebook App that stores can use to communicate sales, specials and other updates with fans in their local area. But, local stores haven’t been using their pages that effectively. There is learning and improvements Walmart has to make as does any business that use social media so broadly.
  • MAKE YOUR BLOG A COMMUNITY AND KEEP IT REAL:  “Walmart Moms” started in the late 2000’s, They’ve always been real moms who are bloggers. Their role is simply to represent the voice of all moms; to tell and help others understand the daily challenge and triumphs of Moms. Participation in “Walmart Moms” is voluntary.
  • ENGAGE FREQUENTLY: On any given day, Walmart posts on Facebook between two and five updates, including weekends, and most achieve an impressive number of responses from its Fans. Most of its posts achieve tens of thousands of Likes and hundreds of comments, with pictures of pets and children proving to be particularly popular. Walmart adds about 9,000,000 new Likes every 6 months.
  • LISTEN TO THE DATA: WalmartLabs uses such spikes in social network chatter to predict demand for out-of-the-ordinary products, In 2011, their team correctly anticipated heightened customer interest in cake-pop makers based on social media conversations on Facebook and Twitter. A few months later, it noticed growing interest in electric juicers, linked in part to the popularity of the juice-crazy documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The team sends these data to Walmart’s buyers, who then use it to make their purchasing decisions.

Your business is not likely to be the scale of Walmart but these lessons should give ideas on areas you should be thinking about. Are there lessons from Walmart’s social media strategy that apply to your business? Which ones are the most relevant?

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