4 better mouse traps to build social media promotions 4

Posted on May 04, 2013 by Rob Petersen



Social Media Promtion

Social media promotions are events like sweepstakes, contests and coupons that take place on a brand’s social network sites, especially Facebook.  They center on attracting attention, engagement and sharing. They drive traffic to a brand’s website and create greater brand involvement.

Since social media promotions require participants to give an email address and often physical address. They are excellent events for building email lists and databases. Many generate significant sales.

Any business with a social presence can do one because costs begin as low as $9.99 a month; To run one, an app is installed on a Brand’s Facebook page or a widget on a website.

If this sounds like it might be of interest for your brand, the first step is to choose the right app for the task. Here are the 4 better mouse traps to build social media promotions (with pros and cons):

1. OFFERPOP: Scalable to serve any organizations, offerpop bases its pricing around the size of your Facebook Fan base. It goes from $10/month for businesses with 100-500 “Likes” to $675/month for brands with 25,000-50,000. Offerpop offers:

  • Campaign Builder that includes instant landing pages and built-in reports along with a growing number of social marketing apps.
  • Marketing integration where companies can socially-enable their email marketing campaigns, website or advertising programs; and track all results in real time.
  • “Fan Gating” (optional) which means consumer have to “Like” your Facebook page before they can proceed to the offer
  • Advanced social analytics where two new tools are a Facebook post database, which shows what kinds of content is driving engagement, virality, and clicks, and a fan database, which helps you build rich profiles of your Facebook fans and enriches them over time.The tools not only tell you that the post last week about Brad Pitt’s graying hair resonated well, but also that all your posts that reference aging movie stars generally go viral. And with about three clicks, you can generate a list of your fans — and non-fans — who are responsive to similar messages.

Offerpop analytics


SocialTimes says: The ideal Offerpop customer is an internet or multi-channel retailer, such as Kobo, PokerStars and The Body Shop, looking to add fans and followers, build brand engagement and grow sales using Twitter and Facebook. They are often doing email marketing and online ad buys and looking to boost campaign performance by adding a social component. And they generally like to experiment and run frequent campaigns and create programs that look good and are brand friendly.

IS OFFERPOP FOR YOU? If pay-as-you-scale is attractive and you want to integrate other channels, offerpop is great choice. Plus, offerpop has the most sophisticated social analytics. One disadvantage is offerpop is the only company that doesn’t offer call-in customer support.

2. STRUTTA: A platform that is DIY-oriented and good for the non-technical, Strutta’s Contest Builder can create and manage a contest campaign as a sweepstakes or user generated content promotion without development resources. Strutta offer monthly subscription packages from $99 to $199. Multiple brand promotions can be created or tested within the month as long as they occur from the same social network pages and website. For enterprise clients and agencies, there is Pro Package for $12,000/year with advanced features and mandatory “Likes.” It offer a “Complete Social Suite.” Strutta advantages are:

  • Dashboard allows the contest organizer to manage all contest activity and communication.
  • Users are able to make photo contest submissions from their existing Facebook photo albums, their hard drive or their mobile device; in a video contest, users are able to submit videos from their YouTube account, their hard drive or their mobile.
  • Google Analytics code can be added to the platform, even a conversion tracker to measures ROI on top of existing engagement metrics. Brands can define conversion goals, such a contestant hitting the check out page, and map contest activity (visits, entries, votes, comments) against those goals.

Strutta example


IS STRUTTA FOR YOU? The DIYer advantage is great for first timers and businesses with limited resources. The mobile advantages and Google Analytics integration are big benefits.

WOOBOX: Has 1,000,000+ brands that use its apps on Facebook such as Starbucks, Sam’s Club, Nordstrom, Warner Bros., Wendy’s, A&P, Quiznos, Jiffy Lube, Cold Stone Creamery, and many others, including small, mom-and-pop businesses. The Woobox app is Free to install and can be used to direct fans to your website if a goal to drive involvement, sales or let consumers know about deals. To create sweepstakes, contests and coupons and to participate in “Fan Gating” where consumers must “Like” your brand on Facebook to participate, Woobox offers plans from $1/month for 100 “Fan Gating” to $249/month for >100,000 Fans. Woobox offers coupon apps, sweepstakes apps, static HTML tab apps for Facebook and Pinterest apps (including a new “Pin to Win” app). Woobox has unique social sharing advantages. For example, for coupon sharing, it

  • Allows you to limit your coupons to your Facebook and Twitter followers
  • Offers “Group Deals” where a minimum amount of people must complete the offer before the offer is valid for the group
  • Requires sharing with Facebook or Twitter friends to get the coupon
  • Set limits to how many coupons you want to offer

Based in Portland, Woobox is a bootstrapped, profitable team of four, and is not interested in outside funding at this time.

Woobox Coupon

IS WOOBOX FOR YOU? The free installation of the Woobox app is an easy way to find out. If social media promotion are going to be a mainstay of your social media arsenal and growing “Likes” is important, Woobox is the most sophisticated number of choices.

WILDFIRE: is the company that started the social media promotion craze. Wildfire, too, was once a bootstrapped start-up, until acquired by Google in July 2012 for $250,000,000 to substantiate social media promotions are here to stay. Wildfire charges on a per campaign basis, and offers a “self-serve” Promotion Builder that include a set-up charge and per day rate with different graphic capabilities. The packages are:

  • Standard: $25 Set Up plus $2.99/day 
  • Premium: $250 Set Up plus $4.99/day

Wildfire’s “White Label” product provide access to the developers and strategists that take your promotion to a superior level of customization and execution and pricing that goes upward from $3,500+. Google announced they are going to “sunset” or discontinue their Promotion Builder as of June 30, 2013 and move to White Label services with a strategist. This program begins at $2,500/month.

IS WILDFIRE FOR YOU? Wildfire, under Google, is moving to an enterprise solution. If your business fits in this category, Wildfire is a tried-and-true solution.

BarnRaisers has used Wildfire for years. We’re sorry to see them discontinue their Promotion Builder but wish them the best. They are a great company to do business with.

We also like North Social and Heyo and will cover them in a future blog post because, as Google has demonstrated, social media promotions are here to stay.

Which of these better mouse traps might be best for your business? Are there any others that should be included? Do you think social media promotions could boost your business?

10 case studies prove ROI of social media promotions 6

Posted on December 19, 2011 by Rob Petersen

Many companies want consumers to “Like” them on Facebook but are surprised to learn the #1 reason people would be motivated to “Like” them in the first place is to receive discounts and promotions.

Of all the words to convey a discount or promotion, the word this Black Friday and Cyber Monday that generated the most engagement was “coupons.” (source: Buddy Media and Marketing Profs)

Promotions, discounts and coupons are tried-and-true ways to encourage trial and boost sales volume.When they are delivered in social media, they benefit from sharing and the efficiency of available apps, like Wildfire, that cost a small fraction of traditional methods. In our experience, social media promotions are some of the most effective, affordable and profitable ways to build business and brand advocacy simultaneously.

You don’t have to go to social promotion sites like Groupon or Living Social either. Although effective in some cases, their promotions require you discount your brand by 50%; then, they keep 50% of the remaining half leaving you with 25% of the original price.

Imagination and resourcefulness are more effective and much more profitable. Need proof? Here are 10 case studies that prove Social Media Promotions ROI.

1. DELL: Started @DellOutlet, a Twitter page where they offered products and customer service through Twitter. Then, they integrated coupons. The Twitter page, which was free to set up, generated over $3 million dollar in sales to date and, with the integrations of coupons, accelerated to $1 million dollars within 6 months.

2.  EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS. Through their Facebook page, Edible Arrangements offered consumers a voucher for free chocolate dipped strawberries. But to redeem the coupon, fans had to visit an Edible Arrangements store providing Edible Arrangements franchisees the opportunity to promote their store to a slew of new customers. This campaign  generated 170,000 new fans and a double-digit increase in sales versus year ago.

3. HAUTELOOK:  Ran an “instand win” coupon campaign at different values. After becoming a fan of the Hautelook Facebook Fan Page, entrants were presented with a coupon but the value of each coupon was a surprise and ranged from 10% to 20%, and some had free shipping. Not only did Hautelook generate thousands of new fans they also generated tens of thousands of sales in just one day and a return on investment of more than 5x and over 20% of purchasers were first time Hautelook customers.

4. JAMBA JUICE: Gave their customers a choice with “Feel Good Bucks” and a unique coupon code generation functionality. They gave out ‘lucky’ coupons via our Facebook Connect Product and Facebook Fan Page Product that could be redeemed at Jamba Juice stores. When consumers redeemed the coupons they either received $1 off their purchase or the opportunity to win instant or cash prizes of $10,000! Plus, users could send Jamba Bucks to their friends in the form of fun, Jamba-branded virtual gifts like smoothies, bucks, and cartoons. The coupon campaign drove tens of thousands to Jamba Juice stores.

5. KRAFT MACARONI & CHEESE:  Used Twitter to encourage people, in their “Mac and Jinx” campaign, to tweet something with the phrase “mac & cheese” in it at the same time. Once those pairs were identified, Kraft sent both a link. The first one to click on the link and give Kraft her address got five free boxes of Mac & Cheese plus a t-shirt. The campaign took advantage of the real-time nature of Twitter boosting the brand’s Twitter followers by 400% and at one point gaining over 300 mentions of “Mac & Cheese” per minute on Twitter.

6. PRETZEL CRISPS: Launched a$1.00 coupon on their Facebook page. Within 36,000 hours, their fan base grew from 5,000 to 12,000. So, they launched another only coupons – Buy One, Get One Free. Only this time they didn’t tell their fans. No matter, Fans found out on their own and the “letting you in on a secret” factor had a viral effect that built the fans following from 14,000 and 29,000 and now it’s at over 62,000. But fans just tell one side of the story.  The redemption rate for the fist coupon was 87%; the redemption rate for the second was 95% and annual sales increase was 93%.

7. SARA LEE: Ran a month-long campaign to promote Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwiches. Users were offered a $1 coupon on any one package of Jimmy Dean D-Lights 4 count sandwiches, or, if they chose to share the offer with three or more friends, they could receive a $2.50 coupon. There was also a bonus coupon for $0.50 off on Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. The campaign saw over 65,000 visitors in 30 days, and the 64% was through clicks from friend referrals.  The audience reach was primary in the South-Eastern states and referrals were made to people geographically close to each other. The campaign delivers sales volumes and geo-targeting not possible with traditional coupon methods at a small fraction of their cost.

7. STEAZ: Used social media coupons, blogs and Twitter chats to generate a buzz among moms about their organic teas. The result was 250,000 coupon download at a 20% redemption rate. 6,000 blog and social media mentions. 3,000 new fans and followers. Store shelves that were emptied and sales that doubled from the effort.

8. TORTILLALAND: Fresh, uncookded tortillas from Circle Foods are different from pre-cooked tortillas that contain preservatives. Once consumers try TortillaLand, they swear by their superior fresh taste and say they’ll never go back to buying the pre-cooked kind again. But the brand has low awareness. TortillaLand created a social sweepstakes where the prize was 3 iPads (1 for you/2 for friends).   The objective was to boost the Facebook Fan base of 900 and create a database from entrant to receive additional offers and news of store availability. The sweepstakes boosted the Facebook base 7X in two month. It created 10,000 person database who now receive regular emails and show a 50% open rate . The database also serves as brand community for market research and new product ideas with a significant ROI versus traditional methods like focus groups.

10. ZAPPOS: Ran a unique sweepstakes with a chance to win a $500 voucher for use at Zappos, but only after entrants visited the online store and put together a list of the items that they would purchase with the winning money. This encouraged 1000’s to visit the Zappos site with list of their favorite items on Zappos which increased purchases (although Zappos did not release the exact sales increase).

We’re big believers in the business effectiveness of social media promotions. We did the TortillaLand program for Circle Foods and see it for ourselves.

Do these case studies prove the ROI of social media promotions to you?

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