30 data science facts for dummies explain this discipline

Data Science Facts

Data science facts show more and more companies are hiring data science practitioners. That’s because data science is a proven disciple for business growth. Data science extracts meaningful insights from data. Data scientists require domain expertise, programming skills, and a knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

75% of companies using data science say it directly contributes to a 10% increase in sales.  While some say it leads to job elimination replacing human functions with robots, 83% of firms with data science employees say it has lead to the creation of new jobs within their companies.

Today, it is a thriving area for business, corporate, competitive and job growth. But one that also raises ethical considerations as to what is being collected and how it is used.

To demystify it, here are 30 data science facts for dummies to explain this discipline.

Data Sources

Data scientists divide data into three major groups: Structured (organized), semi-structured (organized but not standardized) and unstructured (not organized). Regardless of the grouping, the data used has to be made understandable to computers. So human understanding can work with computer processing. Here is where the data comes from.

Data Science Analysis and Benefits

Data gathering and analysis from various channels help companies learn the paths that bring the best outcomes and value and rule out the need to take high stakes risk. Here are the numbers that support the process.

Data Science Jobs

Data scientists produce machine-learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, and audio to produce artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning systems that perform tasks ordinarily requiring human intelligence. Programming and coding experience is a plus. But a data scientist that also demonstrate critical thinking abilities and strong presentation skills is a major find. The facts show data scientists are in demand.

Do these facts explain data science and its benefits to you? Do you need help applying data science to your company?

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