5 of the Most Popular Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

5 of the Most Popular Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Social media is a dynamic place with everchanging content and marketing trends. One day, marketers can’t stop talking about a new social media marketing tactic and soon it becomes obsolete. 

To be successful in social media marketing, you need to stay updated on the latest social media trends. What content is popular these days? What kind of marketing techniques are other brands adopting? And more.

In this post, we have curated a list of social media marketing trends to help you strengthen your social media presence.

Ephemeral Content is on the Rise

Ephemeral content refers to social media content that is transient in nature. This means that such content is available for only a limited period of time, after which it is automatically deleted.

The transient nature of such content is what makes it so engaging and attractive. People feel a sense of urgency and want to view such content before it disappears.

Another notable characteristic of ephemeral content is that it is short and easy to consume. Social media users often spend a lot of time viewing other people’s Stories and often lose the sense of how much time has passed.

How can you leverage this trend?

Post more Stories on social media to engage your audience and for this, you can make use of various social media posting tools. You can increase the chances of getting more engagement by creating your video with these best video editing apps. You can also go live to interact with your audience in real-time. 

Pro Tip: You can improve the results of your social media campaign using marketing automation.

Influencer Guidelines Have Become More Strict

Brands and influencers have become more conscious of the penalties that they can face if their collaborations are not disclosed. Brands are now more strict and want the influencers that they work with to follow proper disclosure protocols.

This includes adding the “paid partnership” tag or mentioning that their social media post is actually an ad or paid content. However, not all influencers follow these rules and that could cause major problems for brands.

Therefore, it is best to hire an agency that can find and vet influencers for your brand and grow with the best strategies. Such agencies can also negotiate contract terms on your behalf and ensure a smooth collaboration with influencers.

Social Media Advertising has Become More Mainstream

Another popular social media trend is the rise of social media advertising, especially the ads that appear in between Stories. Such ads look like native content and, therefore, get more engagement than traditional ads.

Moreover, social media advertising has become very dynamic and targeted. You click on a link, and the next day you will see ads related to similar products or services. 

Social media platforms track user activity and show only the ads that are most relevant to each user. This allows you to take your advertising to another level and boost your social media marketing ROI.

So, if you have not yet invested in social media advertising, it is time that you consider it. It can help you reach your target audience on social media in a natural way.

Video Content Will Continue to be Popular

Video content is one of the most engaging types of content and is continually growing in popularity. Brands and marketers are increasingly leveraging videos in their social media content strategies. They can easily create and edit excellent videos using an online video maker and editing tool. In addition, Brands are using various webinar tools for live events to connect with their customers.

This trend is further aided by the launch of more video formats on social media platforms. From IGTV videos to Facebook Live and Facebook Ads, brands have a lot of ways to create and share video content with relevant hashtags on social media. You can choose any hashtag generator tools from the list prepared by Attrock and create niche-based hashtags for your posts.

BuzzFeed Tasty, for example, is one of the early adopters of the IGTV platforms and posts at least one IGTV video every week.


Image via Instagram

If you want to be successful on social media, then you need to start creating engaging video content on a regular basis. You can plan ahead and make a social media content calendar with a mix of content.

Brands are Collaborating More with Smaller Influencers

One notable social media trend is in terms of brand-influencer collaborations where brands now prefer working with micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Brands are now realizing that authenticity and relevance are more important than the number of followers. Also, promote your brand with creative ideas that can boost engagement automatically.

Smaller influencers have a much more loyal audience base and have expertise in their niche. Their recommendations hold a lot more weight than a celebrity promoting a brand that people know they will never actually use. Additionally, an influencer also attracts more footfalls for trade shows and live events.

But, finding relevant and authentic influencers in your niche can be a bit challenging. You can use third-party software to find influencers and help you collaborate better.

When vetting influencers, always check the kind of engagement that they get on their social media posts. Also, check out their past paid sponsorship examples to get an idea of what they can do for your brand.

Small businesses can reduce their costs by partnering with micro-influencers. Similarly, they can choose to use the best VoIP systems to decrease their customer support costs by communicating over the phone.


These are some of the latest social media marketing trends that you need to know in 2020. Leverage these trends to fuel your social media marketing strategy and boost your social media presence. Are you ready to leverage these trends for your business? Share your experience by leaving a comment.

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