26 stats show CMOs facing crossroads. 4 key takeaways


CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers)

CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) are the corporate executives responsible for an organization’s marketing activities and innovation. Primary responsibilities are to generate revenue by increasing sales through brand management, marketing communications, market research, product marketing, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service.

Every year, highly respected firms like Deloitte, Dentsu, Gartner and PWC conduct surveys on what’s important to CMOs, challenges, opportunities, and trends.

We culled these studies for statistics the majority of CMOs are feeling. Our conclusion is CMOs are at a crossroads. Here are 26 stats and 4 key takeaways.

#1. Increases in marketing spend and digital channels will continue

#2. CMOs see their role as growth of brand awareness, customer base, and short term sales and revenue

  • 93% use social media for brand awareness and brand building; 72% use it for brand promotions; 69% for acquiring new customers; 60% for retaining current customers.
  • 90% are increasing communications about their company’s purpose and values.
  • 89% of CMOs say they’re effectively focusing on customer personalization.
  • 68% say they are primarily accountable for the growth of their customer base; 56% for product or service innovation; 45% for short-term sales and revenue growth, and 42% for digital transformation programs.
  • 57% of marketing operations are working from home some of the time; 39% are working from home all of the time.
  • 55% describe their target as a premium market.
  • Most used metrics are sales/revenue (70%), website and mobile performance (56%), content engagement (43%), lead generation (40%) and lead conversion (37%).
  • Least used metrics are customer experience/engagement (24%), Net Promoter Score (21%), Customer Lifetime Value (12%) and brand equity value (7%).

#3. However, CMOs face increased pressure to achieve short-term results

#4. Great majority of CMOs expect AI to be a game changer impacting business and goals

If you are a CMO, do these challenges and opportunities reflect the way you are feeling presently? Are you ready for what is coming in your future?

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