AI in Marketing: How AI Can Boost Your Marketing ROI

AI in Marketing: How AI Can Boost Your Marketing ROI

Creating great content takes time. 

Between keyword research, writing drafts, and making your brand visually appealing, who has hours to spare? 

And that’s before you even think about repurposing it for different platforms.

As a result, your content pipeline starts drying up. Social media feeds remain empty. Blogs go weeks without new posts. 

Your brand looks stagnant and lifeless. And soon, customers lose interest.

But what if AI could reinvent your content game? 

In this article, we’ll get deep into the benefits that using AI in marketing strategies can bring to your content creation workflow. 

We’ll discuss the impact on your ROI and the benefits for your writing, imagery, and presentation workflows and introduce you to a few tools that’ll help you with the process.

The result? A content machine that attracts, engages, and delights your audience 24/7. Now, that’s something worth exploring.

Let’s get started.

An Overview of AI in Marketing


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Forget everything you knew about AI being some futuristic fantasy; it’s a here-and-now reality that’s changing the game for marketers. 

There are examples of AI’s helping hand everywhere, proving you can minimize the grunt work and maximize the impact. 

This is how you leapfrog the competition and take your business to the next level.

Just look at how AI chatbots handle routine customer queries, freeing up human agents for more complex situations, or how AI tools like ChatGPT help developers fix coding bugs in a flash. 

The future is now, and the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the key ways you can use AI in marketing processes:

  • Lead generation: There are lots of good AI lead generation tools that can help you save time when it comes to generate leads for your business.
  • Content Writing: AI can churn out mountains of SEO-friendly blog posts, social copy, and other content that’s engaging, on-brand, and useful. No more filler content just for the sake of it.
  • Image Creation: AI technologies such as AI image generators can create realistic images based on text descriptions, significantly boosting the visuals for your marketing campaign.
  • Presentation Building: Suggest layouts, whipping up data-driven charts, and making your decks more hard-hitting. AI makes the presentation creation process more efficient and impactful, from suggesting optimal designs to generating insightful infographics based on your data.
  • Pricing Strategy Optimization: AI marketing technologies are exceptional in formulating pricing strategies. It sets optimal pricing by keeping tabs on market conditions, competitors’ moves, and fluctuating demand. 
  • Workflow Simplification: AI streamlines your workflow by taking repetitive tasks off your plate, freeing up your time for creativity, innovation, and strategy. 

In a nutshell, implementing AI in marketing means taking on a tireless creative sidekick–one that churns out blogs, social posts, and images at astounding speed. 

And we’re not talking generic filler content, either – we’re talking well-researched, strategic content that resonates.

How Can AI Improve Marketing ROI?


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Quality, timely content is essential for establishing your brand, generating leads, and building loyalty. 

But as mentioned above, creating unique, engaging content takes time, money, and effort. Using AI in marketing frees up resources so brands can allocate more to crucial areas and amplify marketing ROI.

You can use AI marketing to improve ROI through:

  • Providing budget-friendly content creation instead of hiring a team of writers. That’s savings you can allocate elsewhere.
  • Delivering frequent, high-quality content to keep your brand consistent and engaging online. More engagement = more conversions.
  • Creating clickworthy content at lightning speed compared to us slow humans. Forget waiting around – Your brand can capitalize on trends faster. 
  • Using collected data to personalize content for each customer. These tailored pieces seriously boost engagement.
  • Optimizing content in real-time to keep things SEO and conversion-friendly. More visibility and impact means better ROI.

Essentially, using AI in marketing takes the grunt work out of content creation so you can focus on the fun stuff – strategy! 

With efficient, results-driven content being churned out, you’ll free up resources and skyrocket ROI. 

Intrigued? You should be! 

Let’s explore some quick guides to the best AI tools out there.

AI Marketing Solution #1 – Craft Unique Brand-Tailored Images 

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Cooking up new and captivating images for your content is tough, and stock photos make your content look, well, stock. 

There’s got to be a better way!

Tools like an AI art generator let you instantly generate eye-catching visuals tailored to your needs. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Describe the image you want in juicy detail so AI can interpret your vision.
  • Sit back as AI works its magic, crafting a unique gallery of images based on your description.
  • If Mona Lisa-level masterpieces don’t happen right away, refine your description and let AI flex its creative muscles again.
  • Once you’re happy with the result, download the image and scroll through your new AI-made gallery.

It’s that simple! 

Just for fun, Here’s what we got for the prompt: ‘A dog drinking coffee at his work desk.’


Image by Freepik

With AI, you can quickly produce vivid landscapes, powerful portraits, conceptual illustrations – you name it. 

Way better than filters or stealing art, am I right?

AI Marketing Solution #2 – Write Compelling Content Faster


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We all know quality content is make-or-break for marketing success, but let’s be honest – writing engaging, on-brand content from scratch takes forever. 

And who has time for writer’s block when you’re trying to run a business?

AI tools like Wepik’s AI text generator can help you create content fast without the hair-pulling. 

This nifty online tool uses artificial intelligence to whip up well-written content in minutes, taking the hassle out of writing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Just describe the gist of what you need to write about. The AI will use your prompt to generate something relevant.
  2. Pick the tone you want – professional, casual, confident – to match your brand’s voice. 
  3. Sit back while the tool works its magic, crafting content your audience will actually want to read.
  4. Give the AI’s draft a once-over, tweaking phrases or adding your own flare where you want.
  5. When you’re happy, download with one click – no copying and pasting needed.

Ta-da! You’re ready to go. 

Of course, we had a go with this one, too.

With AI writing tools, you can say bye to writer’s block and shift your focus to a high-level marketing strategy. 

Having an on-demand content generator means you’ll have a steady stream of clickworthy posts at your fingertips, meaning better audience engagement.

AI Marketing Solution #3 – Create Presentations in One-Click

Image by Slidesgo

We’ve all sat through snooze-worthy presentations. 

But creating decks with enough wow factor to energize your audience is easier said than done–it requires knowing the ins and outs of design and creative storytelling. 

And let’s be honest, they’re skills that most of us don’t have.

But AI presentation tools like SlidesGo are here to save the day! 

Their intuitive AI ppt maker whips up stunning decks with just a few clicks.

Here’s how it works its magic:

  • Pick your presentation topic, whether it’s your company’s big quarterly meeting or the history of cheese. This AI’s got you covered.
  • Select the vibe you want, from fun and playful to sleek and professional. The options are endless, with doodle, geometric, and elegant styles.
  • Once they’re ready, customize your AI-generated slides to perfection in the online editor. Change colors, swap graphics, tweak text – make it your own!
  • Download your new killer presentation as a PDF or generate a shareable link for easy collaboration.

We obviously had to put together a pitch for our totally-made-up-but-could-be-real doggy coffee brand, too. 

Below’s a shot of how Slidesgo approached it.

With AI doing the heavy lifting, you can build decks that wow in a fraction of the time. 

No more snoozefests! 

Implementing AI in Marketing Strategies Improves ROI

There’s no doubt that when you use AI marketing strategies, you transform ROI in significant ways. 

But, embracing these advancements takes know-how to unleash the true potential of AI in content marketing. 

That’s where working with the right marketing partner comes in. 

AI marketing empowers you to maximize success and enhance ROI effortlessly. AI in marketing to maximize your success, ensuring you can capitalize on AI’s capabilities and boost your ROI without stress.

The bottom line is that AI is revolutionizing marketing, and the brands that effectively leverage it will thrive. 

The future belongs to brands that use AI as their competitive advantage – will yours be one of them?

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