Social media "show me the money." 30 facts on revenue

Socail Media Show me the money

  • 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business (Source: Social Media Examiner)
  • 59% are using social media for 6 hours or more each week (Source: Social Media Examiner)
  • 53% of social media marketers don’t measure their success (Source: Awareness Inc)

These facts indicate most companies believe social media matters for business growth. They dedicate time, regularly, but don’t know if they are getting anything back.
Does this sound like your company?
Do you ask: Social Media “show me the money”? If you do, here are 30 facts on revenue.

  1. 126% more lead growth are reported by small businesses that blog (source: Utter Digital)
  2. 100% higher lead-to-close rate for social media than outbound marketing (source: HubSpot/State of Inbound Marketing)
  3. 78% of sales people using social media to sell out performed those who weren’t using social media (source: Forbes)
  4. 77% of US consumers who have liked a brand on Facebook say they have saved money as a result. (Source: Lab 42)
  5. 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process (source: IBM)
  6. 72% of Twitter Followers said they would be more likely to purchase from small businesses they are following than those they are not (source: Twitter Advertising)
  7. 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers (source: Jeff Bullas)
  8. 66% of people who have Liked a brand on Facebook have saved $20 or more on that brand in the past 12 months (source: Lab42)
  9. 62% of companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn (source: HubSpot/State of Inbound Marketing)
  10. 59% rank their company blog as critical or important to their business, higher than any other social sharing site or network. (source: Heidi Cohen)
  11. 57% of companies have acquired customers through their company blog (source: HubSpot/State of Inbound Marketing)
  12. 57% of companies have closed business through LinkedIn (iMedia Connection)
  13. 57% of the buying process is done before sales contact (source: Corporate Executive Board)
  14. 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media (source: MediaBistro)
  15. 54% of B2B marketers and 60% of B2C marketers said they have generated leads from social media (source: MarketingLand)
  16. 52% of marketers cite blogs as the least expensive lead acquisition channel (source: HubSpot/State of Inbound Marketing)
  17. 52% of companies have acquired customers through Facebook (source: HubSpot/State of Inbound Marketing)
  18. 50% of sales people who report using social media state that they spend less than 10% of their selling time using social media. That’s decent ROI (source: Forbes)
  19. 50% of US consumers who have liked a brand on Facebook say the brand’s social page is more useful than its website. (Source: Mashable)
  20. 48% of companies have generated customers through Twitter (source: iMedia Connection)
  21. 47% of U.S. online shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest (source: BlogHer)
  22. 45% of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl that included Twitter hashtags (source: Jeff Bullas)
  23. 42% of customer have generated customers through Facebook (souce: iMedia Connection)
  24. 42% of companies have acquired at least one customer through Twitter. (Polaris B)
  25. 40% of salespeople said they’ve closed between two and five deals as a result of social media (source: Forbes)
  26. 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads (source: Jeff Bullas)
  27. 17% of social media driven revenue on Shopify comes from Pinterest (source: Shopify)
  28. 17% of people who have Liked a brand on Facebook have saved $100 or more on that brand in the past 12 months (source: Lab42)
  29. You are almost 5X more likely to schedule a first meeting if you have a personal LinkedIn connection (source: Sales Benchmark Series)
  30. B2B marketers who use Twitter generate 2X as many leads as those that do not (source: Inside View)

If some additional statistics are needed to help guide your use of social media, below is an infographic.
Do the facts convince you of social media effectiveness? Did we “show me the money”?
social media show me the money

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