30 customer loyalty facts and 5 key takeaways

customer loyalty facts

Customer loyalty facts

Customer loyalty facts show consumers spend 43% more on brands they are loyal to. These economics should motivate any marketer to make customer loyalty a top priority. How should they develop a customer loyalty strategy and create a plan? What does this mean for their business?

Here are 30 customer loyalty facts in 2022 and 5 key takeaways.

#1. Retention trumps acquisition

#2. Outstanding customer service still accounts for a lot

  • 93% of customers come back for another purchase if their previous experience was excellent.
  • 57% of customers cease being loyal to a brand if their negative comments go unaddressed.
  • 50% of customers tell their friends about a business.
  • 50% of customers leave a favored brand for a competitor due to an inability to meet up with their needs.
  • 37% of customers say it takes 5 purchases before they consider themselves loyal to a brand.

#3. Repeat customers expect rewards customer loyalty fact show

#4. Loyalty program customers want to engage with emerging technologies, particularly gamification

#5. Customer loyalty facts show gains by giving back

Do these customer loyalty facts and key takeaways provide you with direction for your business.

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