How Are Super Apps Ruling The Market and Increasing Customer Service ROI?

How Are Super Apps Ruling The Market and Increasing Customer Service ROI

Because of rising market competition, it has been a daunting task for business owners to stay afloat. It’s the changing customer requirements that the merchants need to fulfill by constantly evolving their enterprises. Hence, there’s a great need for applications that can help there.

Super apps have come as great additions here that can serve a wide audience and also keep up with their changing preferences. This post will help make you aware of specific reasons behind the need for such multi-service platforms, some of their examples, and how they can increase your customer service ROI.

Multi-service apps, also called super apps, are ones that allow entrepreneurs to cater to several needs by providing numerous benefits from a single solution. It also simplifies operating a venture offering multiple services as the startup owners can manage all verticals of their enterprise using these platforms.

These help them raise their business ROI considerably, as ventures get equipped with a highly advanced solution that serves a wide audience. You can also leverage marketing tools to promote these apps directly instead of having to promote multiple solutions. This simplifies your job to a great extent.

Besides these, there are some factors that help super apps rule the market.

Reasons Behind Super Apps Ruling the Market

Currently, there are many aspects due to which multi-service platforms rule the market. So, let’s take a look at these various factors that have contributed to the rise of super apps.


The factor which the consumers first prioritize while using any solution is convenience. And, multi-service solutions strike a sweet spot as they provide the ultimate comfort to users as they can find whatever product or service they’re looking for without leaving the app. This makes the entire shopping process very convenient and the experience – pleasant.

Unbanked Users

Digitally unbanked users also contribute an equal share in raising the super app’s popularity in the market. It is because many vendors don’t allow the consumers to pay through cash on delivery. 

Hence, multi-service solutions have become the user’s priority as they can pay cash on receiving the products that they had purchased, further making the platforms more inclusive.

Application Flooding

There’s no dearth of mobile applications on app stores, but most applications aren’t very helpful. That is, they don’t help the users achieve what they want from the app. As a result, you might be surprised to know that people are always in search of useful applications. 

And due to the usefulness of super apps, they can easily catch the attention of users. 

Hence, the parameters of multi-service platforms described above result in the digital disruption of the market. Owing to this popularity, many enterprises are showing interest in gaining super apps development services to build their own super apps. 

Few Super Apps From All Over

Some years ago, only the multi-service industry of Southeast Asia was at its peak. But later, there were many firms from all over the world that launched and achieved tremendous success due to their significant demands, and those names are listed below:


Previously, Rappi offered a single service of meal delivery and is currently providing a host of different services to people. It was founded by Simón Borrero, Felipe Villamarin and Sebastián Mejía in 2015. It is headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, and operates its venture in 9 different Latin American countries.


Image via Matellio


also known as the ‘Unicorn of Indonesia,’ initially focused on two service categories: ride-hailing and courier delivery. Over time, recognizing the growing demand, the company strategically ventured into taxi booking app development to provide users with a comprehensive transportation solution.

Gojek was founded by Kevin Alluwi, Nadiem Makarim, and Michaelangelo Moran in 2010 and is based in Jakarta. Currently, it is offering a wide range of benefits to users across eight countries of operation.


Image via App Store


Similar to Gojek, Careem has attracted the attention of all customers of almost the entire Middle Eastern region. The firm was founded in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdulla Elyas and is based in Dubai.


Image via App Store

Previously, the company offered a ride-sharing service, and later, with further progress, it is currently providing numerous services in countries across the Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian regions.

Now, after witnessing some famous examples of super apps across the globe, you might be wondering how they’re able to raise their customer service ROI. To know the answer, check the section mentioned below.

How Can Super Apps Increase Customer Service ROI?

ROI, in general terms, means the return received from an invested amount. It’s used to measure the efficiency of your investments. Similarly, customer service ROI is used to identify the return on the investments you make for customer service. 

You can improve your customer service ROI by delivering stellar service that ensures that customers keep buying from you. And that’s where super apps help too. You can easily provide the best services to your customers as you’ll have a unified platform for it all. 

Some common attributes of multi-service solutions are listed below:

Multiple Payment Gateways

When you integrate different payment gateways, users can pay for particular services with a payment method they find convenient, which has a positive impact on the customers. Hence, by allowing payments for different services, they can boost your revenue by a considerable level.

Track Partners

Users can get the live status of services or products they’ve purchased as they can track them through the built-in tracking system offered by super apps. 

They can also contact the delivery service providers if there is a delay in service delivery than the estimated time. Thus, this feature can improve the ROI of business by helping customers with transparency. It also means your customer service team won’t be burdened with their queries.

Schedule or Instant Order

Some super apps also allow consumers to schedule their orders in advance by allowing them to enter the desired time slots for the services they need. For instance, they can pre-book their cabs a few days in advance for pick up at a particular time slot. 

It streamlines the hassles users face when they have to book services on the same day, especially when they’re pressed for time and the services affect time-sensitive things. Thus, it can contribute to improving the consumer service ROI of an enterprise that is being operated through multi-service platforms.

Due to the major preferences of consumers for super apps, entrepreneurs can achieve rapid growth in the market by taking advantage of the requirements for multi-service platforms along with gaining the advantages mentioned above. 

Final Words

Super apps are great platforms that bundle up multiple products and services and offer better convenience to customers, thus helping them scale up quickly. They also help users as they don’t have to keep multiple apps on their phones. 

Using super apps, it’s also possible to improve your customer service ROI as you can integrate great features into the platform to provide a better user experience. This reduces their need to reach your support team and also decreases the chances of them not being satisfied with your services.

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