39 top digital marketing facts of 2022. 6 key takeaways for 2023

digital marketing facts

Digital marketing facts and trends

It’s the time of year when look back at the year to review where we are, what we learned, and how it influences our actions for the coming year. If your business relies on digital marketing, to help in decision making, here are the top digital marketing facts of 2022 and the key takeaways for 2023.

#1: Search remains the #1 way people find you on the internet

#2: Content and consistency in posts creates the most search visibility and interest

#3: Mobile device use increases every year at the expense of desktop

#4: Paid ads are required by majority of companies for business success according to digital marketing facts

#5: Customers are a business’s biggest influencers

#6. Revenue, leads, acquisition, attribution, and their measurement, are the top expectations

Does this give you priorities and help your decision making for next year?

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