10 surprisingly simple ways to create unique content

create unique content

  • 89% of companies say the effectiveness of their content marketing is increasing, but only 35% say it is increasing significantly
  • 48% lack an effective strategy
  • 48% lack content creation resources (Source: 2016 State of Content Marketing Report – Ascend2)

The numbers say content marketing is worth doing. But not without a strategy and resources to create unique content.
How to create unique content? Where are resources? Right in front of you.
Here are the 10 surprisingly simple ways to create unique content.

  •  EXPLAIN RELEVANT TERMS FOR YOUR INDUSTRY: Providing content that explains relevant terms in your industry (what they mean, why they are important) is a great way to create unique content. For example, if your business bakes blueberry products, explaining “What is the difference between cultivated blueberries and wild blueberries” proves authority about your area and attracts interested consumers. It’s also is a highly effective way to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because you’re adding keywords that are relevant to what you do.
  • GIVE TUTORIALS: One of the best ways to establish a connection with your audience is teach something new. If your blueberry bakery explains “How to bake great blueberry muffins” and offers a recipe, you show your expertise and convey the quality and care that goes into your products. All you are doing is making something available you already know and practice every day.
  • SURVEY. ASK CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT: Are you unsure what your customers what to know? Ask them. Ask them for challenges they’re facing. Problems they want to solve. Ask them what topics they would like to know more about. Directing even one question to a few customers can lead to great content inspiration, ideas and is a highly effective form of lead generation.


  1. INTERVIEW EXPERTS: Talk to interesting people in your industry. People who offer unique perspectives. Even if they’re just telling their own stories about experiences they’ve had, they’ll attract others just like them who will want to learn more about your business.
  2. SHARE REVIEWS: All review sources like Yelp make it easy, with just a click, to share a review with your network. Let good content from others spread. Reviews are an easy way to let others help you create unique content.
  3. SHARE RELEVANT CONTENT FROM FOLLOWERS: One of the best ways to develop relationships with influencers is to share content from your followers. If they say something interesting about your industry, have insights into news, then share it with our audience. It shows the company you keep and the appreciation you have for others in your network.


  • GIVE HISTORY, FACTS AND INTERESTING TIDBITS: Every business has an interesting story. Maybe it’s how you found your first client, or how they found you. What the founder did before he started the company. Who was your first employee. When your building was used for before your offices were there. Interesting and relevant facts in the context of “did you know” are an good way to keep content fresh and keep your audience coming back for more.
  • INTRODUCE NEW EMPLOYEES: When you hire a new employee, it says to others your business is growing and you’re proud of the people you hire. This type of content speaks well of any business.
  • ANNOUNCE NEW ITEMS: ITEMS BEING DISCONTINUED AND SPECIALS, OFFERS AND INCENTIVES: Are you adding a new item to your product line? Or discontinuing one. Is there a special offer this month? Let your audience know. It’s very likely to help sales and create urgency to act with your customers
  • DELIVER UNIQUE CONTENT IN VARIETY OF FORMS: These are simple ways to create unique content. Now, make it interesting by delivering it in a variety of forms. Content marketing is video, images, blogs, post, infographics, white papers, webinars, podcasts – you get the idea. If you want to see a complete list of all the forms content marketing takes, here are 105 types of content. You probably have a number of them already. Now, just use them and put them out there.

Do these ways show you how simple it can be to create unique content? How many of these ways do you use? Do you need help to create unique content for your business?

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