7 biggest digital advertising trends for 2017 (Infographic)

digital advertising trends
Digital advertising trends show digital is now the largest advertising channel in the U.S. Advertisers spending $60 billion dollars a year. Digital advertising is expected to be the largest advertising channel in the world this year with advertiser spending $202 billion dollars.
Growth isn’t slowing down, either. The uptick in growth is 20% versus year ago with social growing at 55% and mobile at 66%.
Proliferation abounds from new social networks, native ads, ad blockers, mobile ads, outsream videos, instant articles, programmatic advertising platforms and chatbots.
To explain what you should know and what your business should do, Jomer Gregorio, Owner at Digital Marketing Philippines, created an insightful inforgraphic.
Here’s the summary, 7 biggest digital advertising trends for 2017, followed by the infographic which goes into greater detail.

  1. AD BLOCKERS: In 2014, 15% of internet users in the U.S. used ad blocking software; it is 26% in 2016. In 2017, more digital advertising channels are expected to offer subscribers and viewers an ad-free experience, if they pay for it.
  2. GOOGLE AMP AND FACEBOOK INSTANT ARTICLES: Mobile users are growing at a very fast rate and, with that growth, there is greater demand for faster loading speed and better consumer experience (UX).  Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles unveiled new platforms to reduce latency of loading. And you can bet they will be looking to monetize them.
  3. FLAT DESKTOP AD REVENUE; EXPLODING MOBILE AD REVENUE: For the first half of 2016, digital advertising revenue scaled to $32.7 billion. Mobile ad revenue grew at 89% and represented 47% of total. Desktop revenue dropped -13%.
  4. GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK CONTINUE TO RISE: In 2016, 78% of growth in digital advertising went to Google and Facebook. It is expected Google and Facebook will account for 61% of digital ad revenue by 2018.
  5. PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING ALSO CONTINUES TO RISE: Programmatic advertising reefers to automated systems and data that media buying decision without human interference. The strategy for advertisers is a cost-effective way to promote their brands online with extreme precision. The IAB estimates that programmatic spending will grow to over 80% by 2018.
  6. MORE OUTSTREAM VIDEOS: Outstream Videos are a new type of ad format that allows publishers to to show video ads in the text line breaks and corners of web pages. 77% of digital ad agencies say Outstream Videos will be critical to their client’s success in the coming years.
  7. CHATBOT INVASION: WhatsApp, We Chat and Facebook Messenger are the leading messaging services. They are outpacing some of the biggest social networks in terms of monthly active users. As of now, 18,000 bots have been developed to help brands offer streamlined, individual service through chats.

Here is fuller explanation of what to expect in the infographic. Are you aware of these digital advertising trends? Are there any other you would include?
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