9 reasons why we love a good case study

good case study

Good case study

In marketing, a good case study is an analysis that has simple, basic parts. The situation, strategy, implementation, and results are the parts. the subject is a company, brand, campaign, or project. Hard numbers are proof points.

A good case study gives us a better understanding of a subject. And an appreciation of their problem-solving abilities. With takeaways to apply to our situation.

But those are just some of the reasons we love a good case study. Here are 9 more reasons why.

1. Story that has a clear beginning, middle and end

Case studies break things down into a simple, tellable formula.

  • Situation where there is a challenge
  • Strategy where a solution is identified by insights and learning
  • Plan that describes the implementation and action taken
  • End results with hard numbers showing proof

2. Hero is the customer in a good case study

Every story has a hero. Although a transformation of a company or business usually takes place in a case study, it is the customer who is the hero. For example, maybe a business not leveraging the right feature, benefit, or message. Or speaking to the right audience. Or new using the channel to reach them. They look for insights from their customers. And their customers transform them.

3. Relevant guide

A good case study is a guide. The audience sees themselves and their situation in it. Firstly, they might be facing a similar challenge. Secondly, the solution may be comparable to what they would consider. Sometimes, when we present case studies, we add a section at the opening, “why this is relevant to your business” to speak directly to how a case study can serve as a guide.

4. Journey with trials, barriers and obstacles

Challenges capture our attention, Moreover, the need for change is always a great way to begin a story. The purpose is established.For example, a new competitor has entered the picture. One that threatens the future of the company. Or, churn in a category is growing exponentially. Then, we know rogress is about to unfold. When trials and obstacles are identified and overcome, achievements are that much greater.

5. A good case study always displays creative thinking

New thinking emerges. Established ways of doing things only lead to failure. Success requires something that has never been done before. As a result, insights identify a solution. One that represents innovation.

6. The course is set

We root for underdogs and challengers, especially when they show commitment. Peter Drucker said “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” When the course is set, a plan to create the future is in place.

7. A good case study demonstrate success

They prove that you’re able to accomplish what you say you can do, They do it with real results, not just theories, As a result, they give credibility, and inspire.

8. Hard numbers are proof points

An essential ingredient of good case studies is hard, easy-to-understand numbers that prove the outcome. Above all, they are more convincing than words in proving the results are real.

9. A good case study serves as an example of what can occur again

The achievements in a good case study didn’t come easy. Creative thinking required analysis and discipline. The plan and its implementation were a lot of work. However, the results were real. In addition, they showed you have a process and the ability to do it again.

Here are our case studies. We hope they serve as good examples and relevant guides for your business. Do these reasons help you with yours?

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