Top 9 Ecommerce Payment Trends to Fuel Your eCommerce Growth

Ecommerce Payment Trends

Due to the pandemic, most businesses are struggling hard to survive in the market. Businesses across various sectors are making efforts to adapt to the new normal. At the same time, the payment industry has witnessed a significant shift from cash to digital transactions. 

Ecommerce businesses should be aware of common e-commerce merchants’ problems and their solutions such as website-related issues, payment integrations, delivery tool integrations, and others to make your ecommerce business into a profit-generating business.

Covid-19 has even changed people’s mindsets that prefer avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact. So, digital payment trends came into the picture, focusing on safety and hygiene.

The boom in online shopping has been the great push to digital payments during the pandemic.

You can integrate omnichannel for online payment while you create a shopping app for your online audience and provide them with convenient multiple payment options.

Modern and digital payment methods have replaced traditional payment methods. Payment processes have been made much more manageable, quicker, convenient, and secure than age-old payment methods.

This convenient payment method helps to boost sales of dropshipping and other types of eCommerce business.

According to one research, in 2022, the total transaction value in the Digital Payments segment was expected to grow to $7,860,739 million. These new digital payment processes have made lives easier, and one of the significant advantages is providing a seamless experience to customers.

Shop anything, anytime and anywhere! With the steep rise in digital payments, you can make payments just within a single click!

Effective payment management is crucial for any eCommerce business, and payments are the center of building effective ecosystems. So, when talking about eCommerce payment methods, we can have several available options.

To create flexible payment rules, and conditions and manage access to payment methods for various customer groups, the only solution is to have Restrict Payment for Magento 2

Here, I have compiled a list of the top 9 payment trends that are expected to drive eCommerce in the future.

Top 9 eCommerce Payment Trends

With the constantly changing payment technologies, small and large businesses must be aware of current trends in online payments to stay ahead of the competition.

So, let’s explore the latest payment trends in online payments and explore various ways to grow your business through the latest payment trends. 3PL, FBA, or Shopify Fulfilment solutions pay more attention to payment security while delivering the products to your customers.

You need to follow the right security practices to protect your small business from ransomware attacks to provide a secure online shopping experience to your customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Companies have started using artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that facilitate automatizing their operations and reducing expenses. Using AI aids to take benefit of such technologies helps to prevent fraudulent activities. 

It helps in delivering essential goods at the right time to your customer in a safe way. It secures your whole ecommerce business process and removes security threats effectively.

According to Forbes, the majority of companies spent $50 billion on artificial intelligence seeing huge returns on that record investment. Artificial intelligence and machine learning facilitate a better understanding of customers’ history and spending behavior.

One can even predict future activities based on past results. As a result, it helps to enhance personalization and assists to carry out several other payment activities. 

Integrating artificial intelligence makes the payment process much safer and more secure enough. A digital payment system can have AI-powered live chat software that can provide 24/7 service and answer all queries.

Omnichannel Payments

Omnichannel payments provide a comprehensive solution that integrates payment processors and allows seamless interactions across the entire payment system.

Online shopping from household items to groceries is increasing with time. Companies need to evaluate their digital offerings and continue the digital transformation to fuel the demand. So, businesses have started adopting omnichannel strategies.

In research by Statista, almost 80% of the respondents stated that their company operates on an omnichannel strategy, whereas a further 8% plan to invest in omnichannel strategies. 

Omnichannel payments help to offer a persistent customer experience irrespective of how they interact with your business. For example, payments can be readily accepted by scanning the QR code of the product they wish to purchase across multiple platforms and payment channels.

Hence, QR codes offer an easy way to adopt omnichannel payments, regardless of the business size. Fortunately, there are good QR code generators, such as Adobe Express QR code creator and Uniqode dynamic QR code generator, available in the market to help you create QR codes quickly.

You can integrate these QR codes into your website, social pages, and other campaigns to promote and provide quick access to your services and product pages for your customers.

Thus, omnichannel payments make it easy and quick enough to accept payments across multiple payment channels with a seamless shopping experience.

Buy Now Pay Later Options

To meet the growing demand of young customers, all businesses have started providing the ‘ buy now pay later ’ payment facility to encourage users to make a purchase beyond their purchasing power. It facilitates customers to split payments in installments and make payments over time. 

BNPL also provides several other features that attract wide customers, such as a simplified checkout process, no interest fees, and quick approval options. These payment options are widely popular among young generations, and according to Forbes, the usage of BNPL by Gen Z has increased approximately six times in the U.S. from 6% in 2019 to 36% in 2021.

BNPL providers such as Klarna and Clearpay have entirely changed the way people make payments by creating a new payment category. The only challenge faced while using such a payment method is initiating refunds, and it will create problems even for the customers in case of mismanagement. 

Thus, credit-based payment systems in 2022 can offer more than expected in the payment ecosystem. 


Wallets are an incredible payment technique that enables customers to make payments without geographical boundaries. It is one of the safe and secure payment methods used by businesses of all sizes. 

People find it convenient enough to make payments using mobile wallets rather than paying through other online payment methods. Paying online through mobile wallets is easier than ever, the customers can make online payments using mobile apps using just a few taps.

As per one survey by Statista, the estimated value of mobile transactions in India was 36.5 trillion Indian rupees in 2020, and it was expected to grow more than thrice by 2024. 

Mobile wallets are just applications that imitate an actual physical wallet. You can send, receive, or even store money inside the wallet using mobile wallets. The other advantages of mobile wallets are paying the bills, booking tickets, and much more. 

Thus, a mobile wallet consists of several components that render fast, simple, and offer cashless payment services. 


Cryptocurrency is a tremendously growing digital payment solution that uses blockchain technology, and it supports tokenization and smart contracts. In the upcoming years, a great demand has been forecasted for cryptocurrency in banks and credit unions. 

Blockchain applications make it easy for users to transfer money without intermediaries and create a transparent, secure, and traceable payment network.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is a verification method that involves biological and structural characteristics. It includes fingerprint scanning, analyzing heartbeats, face recognition, and iris recognition. 

It is one of the most popular methods for preventing theft and fraudulent activities in the payment industry. This trend will rise in the year 2022 and can prove to be the most reliable and convenient payment option. 

A growing trend has been observed in this world of tremendous digitalization that facilitates utmost security, efficiency, and accuracy. This payment verification technique helps build trust with the customers and creates more confidence. 

This payment method is highly secure as it involves an individual’s unique characteristics. According to Statista, biometric technologies are estimated to more than double in the forthcoming years, reaching almost 50 billion U.S. dollars across the globe. 

Smart Speaker Payments

Smart speakers facilitate users to give voice commands to the users and receive voice responses in return. They give commands such as weather updates, traffic updates or can either be ordering food online from Zomato.

As per one study, the use of smart speaker payments is growing rapidly and the market share is expected to reach 35.5 billion by 2025. Due to security issues, very few people choose to make payments over smart speakers.

Payments Using Reward Points

Offering rewards and loyalty points help to increase brand engagement and retention rate. But, redeeming those points is a point to worry about. With the increased use of digital payments and the growth of the digital ecosystem, these points can be used while making payments online or offline. 

Thus, this makes it easy for the customers to redeem those points effectively at any point in time without any hassle. Giving away reward points with payments helps to acquire and attract new customers. People would also opt to make payments online, so as to earn rewards or loyalty points in return. 

This guide can help you understand how the Amazon FBA seller program works and customers can get benefits from this program in subscription base payment modes.

Single Click Payments

Single-click payments save the data a user enters at the checkout at the time of making a purchase. The data automatically gets filled up while further making a purchase. A payment system encrypts the card details of the customer into a token.

This card tokenization is replaced with a unique token that enables customers to make payments without entering the card details repeatedly. The added benefit is they are easy to use and cannot be decrypted by fraudsters. 

Hence, customers can easily make payments on the website without giving access to card details. 


Digital payments are the future, and such payment methods can offer more than expected in the upcoming years. The store owners should provide seamless and most convenient payment options to survive in this competitive market. 

One of the most crucial factors that is taken into consideration is the flexibility offered while making payments. As the demand for choice and flexibility will always increase. You can know after reviewing customer feedback that people look for ways and expect payment methods that deliver great value, and advanced security making the process smoother. 

A considerable change has been observed in the payment industry. These top 9 eCommerce payment trends play a vital role in shaping the future and also help to grow your business. 

Hence, these payment methods help in providing a seamless experience to the customers, reduce dependency on cash, increase the transfer speed and even make it easy to transact online payments a most preferred option. 

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