4 reasons spray and pray marketing won’t work. 2 solutions

spray and pray marketing

Spray and pray marketing

Spray and pray marketing is the exhaustive oversaturation of as many marketing and advertising channels as possible hoping that conversions will follow from the extensive impressions.

It’s marketing on a wing and a prayer. Maybe, you’ll generate awareness. But it is usually not favorable. And rarely leads to results. More often, it leads to annoyance and tarnishes your image. Examples are extensive emails, text messages, follow-ups, meeting requests, cold calls and retargeting.

You’re a better person and your business deserves better than to do spray and pray marketing. Here are 4 reasons it won’t work and 2 solutions

Why spray and pray marketing won’t work

#1. Lottery odds, and no big winners

There are no big winners with spray and pray marketing. Only a small chance that you might receive a little interest. The time required to turn that interest from a potential prospect (if you ever get one) into a customer is likely to take a while. Because you’ve started by going after those who have little or no interest in you.

#2. Bad company

If you think you’re the only one competing for attention, think again. You’re likely to be the company of all the other spray and prayers cluttering people’s emails and social feeds with messages that are viewed as annoyances. You and your business are likely to be seen as someone people don’t want to be around.

#3. Very, very low conversion rates

A key metric in marketing is conversion rates. It’s going to be very, very low. For many spray and pray marketers, that’s a signal to spray more in the hopes of gaining a conversion with more exposures. Of course, this is going to drive conversion rates even lower.

#4. Spray and pray marketing is an excuse for no strategy

For most spray and pray marketers, the allure is a big audience that involves little effort other than content that is often irrelevant to the person who sees it, poor sales pitches and very basic marketing automation. Hitting as large as audience as you can find over and over again with the same obnoxious messaging and actions isn’t a strategy. It’s just a bad idea..


#1. Think small

t’s actually better sometimes to focus on a smaller market–one that is being underserved. That’s because you stand out from everyone else that is off catering to the bigger trend. You could corner the market in the smaller arena and have more customers and higher sales. Moreover, you are also more likely to be able to command a premium price.

#2. Test and learn

Test and learn marketing is a data-driven approach to constantly improving the performance of your campaigns, website and brand through a series of ongoing tests. The more tests you run and the more data you collect, the more reliable these insights become, the more predictable the results, and the more robust your marketing decisions will be.

Does your business deserve better than spray and pray marketing? Does this thinking and these solutions help?

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