6 of the Ways to Create Effective Brand Awareness Videos

Six Ways to Create Effective Brand Awareness Videos

Brand awareness is how you move from just selling products to becoming a name people recognize. Marketing does that for you, and video marketing, specifically, is one major way brands reach wide audiences. But it doesn’t just stop at making videos for brand awareness.

Brands can use the right PR tools to design email marketing campaigns and content for their PR campaigns.

For your brand to remain memorable for consumers, and ultimately increase sales, these videos need to make a significant impact. Also, you can leverage the right video marketing software to boost your sales ROI effectively.

How do you make impactful videos? What should they look like and how do you increase your brand awareness and, ultimately, your ROI?

Before discussing how to make videos, let’s look at why videos are preference over other forms of brand awareness marketing.

Why Use Videos for Brand Awareness?

Most companies use videos as their preferred marketing tool. Research by Wyzowl found that 92% of marketers consider videos an important part of their marketing strategy.

Research by Wyzowl found that 92% of marketers consider videos an important part of their marketing strategy

Image via Wyzowl

Here are some reasons why this is the case: 

  • Videos are engaging and captivating for the audience. 73% of them prefer watching product videos. 
  • They allow for more product transparency which increases the consumer’s trust in the brand.
  • Videos let you describe your products and services and include more information.
  • They’re interactive and can be used to have conversations with your audience.
  • They are a proven way to build traffic, increase conversions and boost ROI.

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Videos

The more memorable your brand is, the more awareness you can create around it. 

Here’s why.

If people remember your product, they’re more likely to buy it. They’re also more likely to recommend it to the next person, which translates to an even wider consumer base.

Marketers are now organizing stream shopping events over the best online live video shopping platforms.

You need to follow the right event planning tips. This helps them to boost their brand awareness by boosting sales as well.

So how do you make engaging videos for brand awareness? 

Here are a few pointers.

Be Unique

There are so many video advertisements out there created by different brands competing for the same customer base. 

How do you make your videos stand out?

It requires creativity. The idea is to create a video that’s unique and strikes a chord with your audience. You could, for instance, incorporate humor to make your videos entertaining. 

You can also look around your industry and find out what other marketers are doing. Once you do, try to do it better, or come up with something different.

All in all, ensure your brand remains unique. For instance, Dollar Shave Club came up with a unique video that instantly got them attention and traffic. 

Dollar Shave Club came up with a unique video that instantly got them attention and traffic

Image via YouTube

Make it Concise

People don’t have that much time for ads, it’s a busy world. Moreover, the attention span of most people has grown significantly lower.

How do you make sure you keep people interested?

By being brief. Make sure you make short and captivating videos that go straight to the point, utilizing the power of free video editing online. Include as much information as you can while keeping your audience engaged.

Otherwise, if you put out long videos, your viewers may not even get to the end. Note how the below video is only 9 seconds long.

Note how the below video is only 9 seconds long

Image via LinkedIn

Invest in Video Quality

You want to make videos you can be proud of, and this involves quality. You can seek professional help making videos to ensure that the quality is top-notch. 

This would mean investing in items such as a good camera, lighting, a tripod stand, and quality mics. 

You also need to invest in video editing tools that will enhance your visuals and add effects for more appeal. Tools such as Animoto, Movavi Video Editor, Clideo, VEED Online Video Editor, and Fastreel can do the trick. 

Be Consistent in Your Brand Identity

It’s important to maintain your brand identity in all your videos for growing brand awareness. This includes both brand personality and other details such as brand colors.

For example, Coca-Cola has been identified for its deep red color for years. Here’s an image from a ‘90s Coca-Cola ad.

Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/TDB2fkq6EPUA5t7UXio4HEM2BMsV7xO4ynv_sic8CTAhgD3C38yPXITYehYoak3JHc4HEpxAweQaeKhMeDNO_HZmCq087APPfwrYuvudFL9wLrNlAQd5AWfR-Ek5WWfIQJJRx6b6

Image via YouTube

Having a singular identity will help keep you in your consumer’s mind. It’s also crucial that you maintain your voice on all your social media platforms.

Share it Widely

The bigger task, of course, is to get these brand awareness videos to reach more people. Creating a quality, engaging video is just the first step in the process.

To drive its reach, you need to share this video across all possible platforms. Social media is one of the main channels where video marketing generates more leads, which is why it’s so important to implement strong plans such as a TikTok marketing strategy. Use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok to distribute your video.

Apart from this, you can create personalized videos email and send them to your email subscribers to get more leads.

You can create an effective timeline including videos to promote your business.

To reach a wider audience, you can use keyword-optimized titles. Tools such as Semrush can help you with keyword optimization. You can find more detail about this tool in this Semrush review post.

Here’s a breakdown of the preferred channels to post videos for most marketers.

Description: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/DZa4tMjAYjxj3jXFzI14SIxgH56CLo2I5_HGkTBc09rH7TGLfdZ3gVyKdv1g6D2kcXWINTdCzDgos1LO9go7C3eFNKrJrxe6nJUjFsF9DuKYJysNW4lMfk1TmH14R2QN-OAQSVUV

Image via Wyzowl

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Most people use their mobile phones to access social media, watch videos, and even browse online. In fact, 97.2% of active social media users in the US access social media through mobiles. 

Therefore, when making videos for brand awareness, this should be part of your considerations.

Make sure that your videos are optimized for mobile devices — both in terms of size and resolution. Your videos should adjust on a mobile device to fit the screen. The resolution should also be clear enough, yet not so heavy that it will take too long to load. 

Types of Videos To Increase Brand Awareness

Marketers make different types of videos for their target audiences. Depending on your business type, here are the main video types you can explore to increase brand awareness.

  • Explainer videos: These help the consumer understand your product. Here you can explain the product and its use.
  • Vlogs: These are essentially videos that you’d leverage to explain things related to your products or services. These could include the product’s applications, usage guidelines, and more. 
  • Testimonials: Consumers love reviews. This is how they gauge products: based on other consumer experiences. You can leverage this in your testimonials videos by creating consumer testimonials for maximum impact.

Make Your Video Marketing More Effective

With these few tips, it’s time to level up on your video marketing tactics. You can now easily make the most of your videos for brand awareness. 

From improving your video quality and making engaging videos to making the most of available channels, you have all you need.

Once you pick the type of videos that best represent your brand, you can apply all the mentioned tips. All the best for growing your brand!

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