6 Best Practices to Drive Higher Landing Pages ROI

6 Best Practices to Drive Higher Landing Pages ROI

Landing pages play an important role in marketing your brand and driving lead generation and sales. And that’s why it’s critical to take steps to improve the ROI of your landing pages to get the most out of your marketing efforts.   

At the point where your audience lands on your landing page, they’re interested in your products/services and would like to know more about them. 

Therefore, your landing page should be specific with the relevant details and should, at every step, work towards convincing the visitor to take the desired action. 

You can use several landing page design tools and write a great microcopy to carve that unforgettable first impression. It can also draw your customers towards taking the action you want to improve the ROI of your landing pages.

How Can You Improve Landing Pages ROI?

Landing pages are a great way to introduce your product or service and make your customers take action.

If you want to improve the ROI of your landing pages, you should look at implementing these best practices.

1. Leverage an Integrated Marketing Mix

When designing a landing page, you should incorporate a 360-degree marketing mix for the best outcomes. 

For example, say you have created a Google ad, an email, and a social media post to pull audiences to the landing page. You must ensure that they have the same tone, message, and context. 

When your audience lands on the landing page, they should feel the connection between the ad and the message on the page. This will improve the experience and reduce friction. Most importantly, it’ll help increase your landing page ROI.

For instance, if you’ve got a channel partner program, your landing page should be written for them and not any other audience.

2. One Page, One Goal

Imagine a page written to deliver multiple objectives. The page wants 

Think through the chaos that would create in your customer’s mind. They will not realize the purpose of the page and forget why they came here in the first place. Eventually, they will move out without converting.

To improve the ROI of your landing pages, you should think of a single purpose for each page. For instance, if you want the user to download an ebook, register for an event, or proceed with the procurement of software, your entire page should be written and designed for that goal.

Clear goals can help you convert better and faster. 

Hootsuite’s goal is to get people to sign up for the 30-day trial. The page has been designed keeping this goal in mind. 

Hootsuite’s goal is to get people to sign up for the 30-day trial

Image via Hootsuite

3. Improve the Page’s Credibility

Landing pages have one goal – to get the visitors to take the action you want. This typically involves providing their contact information or buying from you. Both these actions require you to win the visitor’s trust. 

Here are a few tips to improve the trust factor on the page that you can incorporate when designing your landing page.

For instance, note how Ahrefs has put the logos of their customers.

Ahrefs has put the logos of their customers

Image via Ahrefs

4. Form in the First Fold

If the user has decided to use your product or service, they will convert immediately. So, along with the main message, you should also include the lead form in the first fold. It is one of the highly regarded lead generation methods online.

Your maximum traction lies in the first fold. So, don’t ignore the potential of adding the essential elements here if you want to notice an exponential rise in landing page ROI.

For example, Shopify has nailed its landing page here with a form in the first fold.

Shopify has nailed its landing page

Image via Shopify

5. Improve Page Performance

If your page loading speed is low, you may experience a strong bounce. This will happen even if you’ve got your copy and other elements right. This is because slow loading would mean poor page experience.

Let’s face it — people don’t like to wait for a very long time. They want to enjoy things at their speed and convenience. As a result, you should work on optimizing your page speed to match the user’s requirements to enjoy an exceptional conversion rate. 

Add vector elements to optimize the images. Make sure you have minimal elements on each page to speed up the loading speed.

6. Optimize for Search Engines

It should be easy for your audience to find your landing page and that’s where SEO can help. You should optimize your landing page for the right set of target keywords with SEO-friendly content to drive traffic to it and boost your ROI.

Some of the things you can do here include:


Landing pages are critical for business success. You can optimize your landing page for success with on-point messaging, better SEO, improved page performance, and more.

Make sure you concentrate on a single goal through your landing pages to boost your ROI.

Do you have any questions about the tactics mentioned above for boosting landing page ROI? Ask them in the comments.

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