10 more company case studies prove ROI of LinkedIn

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Rob Petersen



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If you’re a B2B business, and lead acquisition matters, the numbers show so does making the most of LinkedIn.

Last week, we published 11 company case studies prove ROI of LinkedIn. This week, we’re publishing 10 more.

21 case studies is hopefully enough to find one that’s similar to your business. Overall, they all prove ROI is much, more likely to happen to those who have a plan, post regularly and persevere.

Does it make a difference? See for yourself. Here are 10 more company case studies that prove the ROI of LinkedIn.

  • ATHENA HEALTH: To highlight its position as a leading provider of cloud-based services for medical groups, Athena Health produced thought leadership materials, such as white papers, blog posts and videos that advise executives on best practices. LinkedIn’s custom content ad unit allowed them to deliver multiple streams of content in a single ad. Athena Health saw a 61% rise in click-to-conversions.
  • AXWAY: Is a software service that manages, runs, secures, and monitors all your business interactions – emails, files, messages, services, events, and processes. Although Google Adwords was successful at generating leads for Axway, competition for top keywords was fierce and drove up conversion costs. Axway used LinkedIn Ads specifically targeting the job titles, industries and job functions. They tested over 30 ads with custom landing pages. The LinkedIn campaigns generated +25% conversion rate with the lowest cost per conversion ever achieved.
  • BRITANNIA PHARMACEUTICALS: Is a developer and marketer of products in the area of Parkinson’s disease. They focused on using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords and, because of its vast international reach and keyword targeting, they also used LinkedIn Ads Displays to precisely target HCP’s. 55% of the corporate website’s traffic now comes from LinkedIn. It achieves an average conversion rate of 21%.
  • EKA: is a global agriculture company. They relocated a sales director to their Australia office with no knowledge of the country. He used LinkedIn to build relationship with 150 “C” level executives in Australia. This built a sales pipeline that generated revenues of $2,000,000 in 3 weeks. Here’s the story.

  • FOILED CUPCAKES: Owner Mari Luangrath built her cupcake business, based in Chicago, to +600% above forecast by building relationships on Facebook and Twitter. As her audience evolved to corporate accounts, her attention went more to LinkedIn. The Foiled Cupcakes team used the Search Function on LinkedIn to target companies in Chicago within the geography of her delivery service. Foiled Cupcakes continues to outperform forecast and corporate account are accounting for a greater percentage of sales.
  • HSBC GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: Created a community in partnership with LinkedIn called Business Without Borders. The goal was to encourage participation among members about doing business in different country. It was also to raise targeted awareness for working with HSBC when doing business globally. Although HSBC would not release specific results, it is widely acknowledged as a content marketing success story. Here’s what HSBC did.

  • JMF INTERNATIONAL TRADE GROUP: Is a business consultancy and contract manufacturer run by James Filbird. What Jim did is something any of us could do to grow a business but most of us don’t. He: 1) kept his profile up-to-date, 2) joined 50 LinkedIn Groups, 3) scoured Group Digests, 4) engaged in discussions, 5) connected, 6) moved the conversation offline, mostly through Skype and 7) re-evaluated his groups and contacts, regularly. He attributes the company he built to $5,000,000 in revenue largely to LinkedIn.
  • ONLYMARKETINGJOBS.COM: Is a UK recruiting firm. They created a private group, UK Marketing Lounge, where they post jobs. The group was founded on the principles of: 1) Exclusivity – only certain types of LinkedIn members could join, 2) Content – the recruitment firm regularly adds content, 3) Moderation – absolutely no spam is allowed, 4) Weekly email – added by the firm and 4) Tenacity – the first 10,000 members occurred much more slowly than what followed. Now, there are almost 50,000 members. Revenues through job posting in the group have increased the company’s revenues, significantly.
  • SUSAN BORST: Is an accomplished ad exec. Her background was working with major ad agency, on major brand in traditional media channels (e.g. TV and Print). During a period of transition, she worked in new media channel (e.g. digital, social media). She kept her LinkedIn profile up-to-date. The keywords caught the attention of a recruiter. Today, Susan is Director of Industry Initiatives, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). With the help of LinkedIn, Susan successfully reinvented herself which is very hard to do.
  • VOLKSWAGEN (INDIA): Launched a Company Page on LinkedIn and opened it up to the public to begin posting reviews and comments. As engagement increased, they created a series of Recommendation Ads, which showcased some of the brand’s recommendations from their page to other LinkedIn users that fit their targeted demographic. The goal was to receive 500 recommendations from current and prospective buyers. In less than a month, they received 2,700 recommendations, over 2,300 new fans asking for more information about the models available and nearly 1,000,000 viral updates about Volkswagen models.

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Do these 10 case studies prove the ROI of LinkedIn to you? Did the previous 11? Do you need help with a plan, publishing schedule and perseverance to making the most out of LinkedIn?

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