Is 2011 the year for mobile marketing to "Show Me the Money?" 4 trends to consider.

Exponential growth has been predicted for mobile as a marketing channel in 2008, 2009 and 2010, but has been elusive.  Still, a strong foundation is being built.  Is 2011 the year for mobile to “Show Me the Money?”
Here are 4 trends (with charts) to consider.
1.  MOBILE INTERNET WILL SOON OVERTAKE DESKTOP INTERNET:  Mobile internet use is growing so fast, within a few years, more people will access the internet from mobile devices than computers.  Since 90% of all  purchases decisions begin on the internet, that means your phone will be your primary guide to what you buy.

2. MOBILE IS EARNING A RESPECTED PLACE IN THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE:  Online sales for Black Friday in 2010 were +44% versus a year ago.  The chart below shows the big winner in eCommerce browsing was mobile devices.  The chart below that shows, for the majority, shopping with a mobile device was a very positive experience.  What was the hottest technology gift item for Christmas?  An iPad, an iOS device.

3. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT:  For a communication and commerce function that didn’t exist 3 years ago, there were 6,000,000,000 mobile app downloads last year.  There are 300,000 apps for the iPhones and 200,000 for Android.   Their reason for being is to bring the world to your fingertaps and transform how fundamental needs like health care, business and entertainment are met.
It is predicted the number of mobile app downloads will peak within the next few years.  As a tool to acceleratate sales for your business, now is a particularly good time to jump in and gain experience.  So you don’t have to look through all 6 billion downloads to see the kind of apps that rise to the top, here is what PC World says are the 101 Best Mobile Apps and their sectors.

4.  CONSUMERS DON’T WANT ADS; THEY WANT A 1-TO-1 PERMISSION BASED RELATIONSHIP:  In mobile, like any other channel, the customer is king.  When you speak to them, you either gain permission or invade their personal space.  This is demonstrated by their reaction to traditional ads.
So don’t talk at them; talk to them by asking their permission to have a relationship.  Realize that trust and mutual respect are what wins consumers over in mobile, as they do in all walks of life.

I hear the phrase, “Show Me the Money,” a lot because I help people from those in small companies to “C” suite executive measure return on investment (ROI).  As a part of the Rutgers University Mini-MBA faculty, I also teach courses in measuring digital ROI, social media ROI and mobile ROI.  The latter is a new initiative begun by Christina “CK” Kerley and Associate Director, Eric Greenburg.
Do you think 2011 is the year for mobile to “Show Me the Money?”


  1. Andre Floyd

    Great compilation of information on the rise of mobile applications and growing impact on marketing and – most importantly – actual sales. To answer your question: Yes, I believe that 2011 will be the year that Mobile will show many of us the money!

    1. Rob Petersen

      Thanks for your comment, Andre. Glad to get your input and your answer to the question. All the best. Rob

    1. Rob Petersen

      Thanks for the pingback. Love the term, Perketing, and have always been a big advocate of permission-based marketing. It’s a part of my vocabulary.

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