27 reasons case studies always make great content

Many people have opinions on what makes great content.  One  is case studies.  But case studies usually aren’t at the top of the list.  
They are generally listed behind your voice (e.g. be authentic, be helpful, be passionate, be transparent) and even grammatical advice (e.g give tips, ask questions, use subheads and bullets to make it easier to read). 
In my opinion, case studies deserve a higher place in the content pecking order.  
Within the last year, I’ve written a number of blogposts using case studies.  They attracted a stong readership.  They’ve brought in business.  Just as important to me, they created relationships with people all over the world who share the same interests.  Here are the posts and how they use case studies:

  1. 34 case studies that prove social media ROI
  2. Another 33 case studies that prove social media ROI
  3. 16 case studies that proe social CRM
  4. 6 social media ROI case studies with something in common, courage

It is fair to say social media and ROI are topics of interest too.  But these topics would be of little interest and value without substantiation from case studies and it is the case studies that make the topics come to life.
Here are 27 reason case studies always make greate content:

  1. They begin a dialogue with proof of results
  2. They make the topic real
  3. They are objective
  4. The are quantifiable 
  5. They establish relevance
  6. They go well beyond personal opinion
  7. They show you’ve done research to proof your point; you’ve put your money where you mouth is
  8. They make your conviction plausable
  9. The show readers the mutual respect of being smart enough to decide for themselves
  10. They open up a conversation where everyone participates with the same information
  11. They teach something new  
  12. They tell a story
  13. They present challenges 
  14. They show how challenges are overcome
  15. They show creative thinking
  16. They show resourcefulness
  17. They demonstrate innovation
  18. They serve as a model for success
  19. They outline the steps someone or some people used to get there
  20. They demonstrate how category or industry leadership is achieved
  21. They capture entrepreneurial drive
  22. They are never “cookie-cutter” solutions
  23. They create an admiration for the people, companies and brands featured 
  24. They are inspirational
  25. They are aspirational
  26. They are passed on and shared

In my own case study work, I’d been inspired by the creative thinking of Joe Sorge, an owner of a restaurant and hospitality chain that includes AJ Bombers and a founder of Kitchen Table Companies that helps small buisnesses and the resourcefulness of Mari Luangrath, the owner and founder of Foiled Cupcakes.
They have written back to elaborate on their stories and personal values.  It taught me the #27th reasons case studes always make great content; they build relationships and create friendships.  
Do these give you enough reasons why case studies always make great content?

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  1. michele price

    Rob Always loved how you put together your blog posts. Being a practical kinda gal it resonates with me. Looking forward to interviewing Mari when we are able to connect.

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